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ABOUT US - Hydrogen on Demand and The Best HHO Dry Cells & Kits
Finding HHO Dry Cells and Water Fuel Information

Water4gas hho generator and complete hydrogen on demand system HHO2U.com Auto & Truck Hydrogen on Demand was founded by Larry to bring help to people with limited income who are looking for a way out of the choke hold the gas companies had on them when gas was over $4.00 a gallon.

We started with the Water4Gas type HHO Generators and Hydrogen on demand systems back in 2008. They are the easiest project for the DIY hho generator builder.

They were at the time the least expensive way to have your own Hydrogen on Demand system that would save you money without a lot of modification.

After extensive research on Hydrogen on Demand systems. And installing many HHO generators and complete Hydrogen on Demand systems.
Our focus has shifted to the HHO Dry Cell. The HHo dry cell design is no doubt the way to go for the best hho gas production. We still offer Water4gas type parts for hydrogen on demand experimenters, but for serious lasting hydrogen on demand systems The HHO Dry Cell Kit is the way to go.
We have the best HHO Dry Cell you can find anywhere, along with complete Hydrogen on Demand systems using our Original HHO dry cell.
Please beware of others offing similar looking hho dry cells. They Are Not the same quality material and DO NOT give any customer support.

These hho dry cells are all assembled with only 316L Stainless steel to insure the best performance 21 plate hho dry cell - hho gas	Production - make your car a hho carpossible. 

At HHO2U.com, we care about our customers and the environment.  We place quality of our HHO products, hydrogen on demand systems and customer service number one on our list of standards.  We want you to save the maximum amount possible and at the same time help to protect the future of our global environment. 

Water is a FREE gift from God and we don't believe it is any accident that it happens to be 2 molecules of Hydrogen and and one molecule of Oxygen, and can be so easily displaced with
small amounts of electricity.
 We also don't believe it is not any accident that this simple technology has been "hidden" from you
 and I for over 80 years by greedy oil and automotive companies and governments that have known the benefits that Hydrogen on Demand systems can give you and I both in saving fuel and cleaning up the air for a long time now.

 Our Hydrogen on Demand systems and HHO generators are a VERY SIMPLE and a VERY LOW COST DO-IT-YOURSELF  technology.

Our HHO GENERATORS and Hydrogen on Demand systems are absolutely fantastic for the beginner or those that don't have a lot of money to invest.

With the over blown prices on gasoline and other fuel today, there couldn't be a better business than helping the average family save hundreds of dollars on gasoline or diesel by installing a simple Hydrogen on demand system on their vehicles. And at the same time help each individual do their part to clean up our air, Hydrogen on Demand systems have proven to cut harmful emissions put out by your vehicle.

Since we started this HHO site we have providing low cost HHO Generators, Hydrogen on Demand systems HHO Dry Cell Kits and fuel saving devices as well as free information to customers throughout the country.

Questions?  About HHO generators, Hydrogen on Demand, HHO Dry Cell plans and any other hho system devices -- See our FAQ   if you still have un-answered questions feel free to Email us : contact hho 2u.com

HHO 2u wants to see every person on the planet benefit from a cost effective, immediate solution to the fabricated “energy crisis" and high fuel cost. We believe that there are agendas for big oil companies and auto makers that are not at the best interest of the general public. Our mission is to help you start drastically cutting your gas consumption NOW. And at the same time reduce the levels of air pollution put out by your personal vehicles. We do this by showing you how to use WATER AS FUEL by installing a Hydrogen on Demand system. Complete HHO Dry Cell Kit -hho generator and all Parts

We are dedicated to increasing fuel mileage on as many

makes and models of passenger vehicles as possible.

As such our experimentation never stops. 

If you are ready to advance to something a bit more powerful

take a look at our :

HHO Dry cells and complete hydrogen on

demand systems using our time tested hho dry cell.

Over the Past 2 Years we have written many articles on Hydrogen on demand, HHO and hho generators.
Here is a link to a few of our hho generator and hho dry cell articles
hydrogen generator Info

Learn All You Can About HHO Fuel Systems. In Our Experiments, So Far the HHO Dry Cells Generators for Hydrogen on Demand are Producing more hho gas per amp.