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Testimonials on Our HHO Dry Cell Kits and Hydrogen on Demand Systems

Europe HHO
Thank You to everyone who has taken the time from Europe and all over the world to send back results from your hho Generator installs.hho Generators = Green Energy
Australian HHO

Aussies care about clean air - and Australian hho installers have proven test results that adding hho gas to their fuel mixture drastically lowers emission levels.

We are proud to be the the number one supplier of hho generators and complete Hydrogen on Demand systems in Australia and will continue to help those that want to install hho dry cell kits to help clean up our air.

Proven to reduce harmful emissions by all who have run test, both private and Governmental agencies - HHO Dry Cell Kits are not a cure all, but if enough of them are installed around the globe there will Most Definitely be a dent put into the green house gases.

 What can I use to protect the HHO cell from freezing?

Here is a bit of help for all the hho installers dealing with Extreme freeze that have emailed us.
It seems to be a common question from Canada HHO Enthusiast.
Some people say that freeze protection isn't necessary, since the electrolytic injection cell will eventually warm up after you start your vehicle and then build up to its normal output. However, this may not be what you want, so adding a freezing point depressant is recommended during the winter months. In extremely cold climates, a heater would be more effective than using a great deal of additives.
Methyl alcohol - Sometimes called wood alcohol, methanol is a very poisonous and a highly effective freezing point depressant for water. This is the same active ingredient found in windshield washer fluid. HEET® Brand gas line additive has methyl alcohol, but ISO-HEET contains isopropyl alcohol and I would not recommend it as highly because of its volatility. You can spot methyl alcohol often by the skull-and-crossbones danger labels warning of blindness if consumed and stating that it cannot be made non-poisonous. A 12 oz. bottle of HEET has sufficient poison to kill three adults, so be careful how you store it. It is not too big of a deal if you get a little on your skin as long as you wash it off.
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HHO Generator Freeze
 Greece hho dry cell :best European hho dry cell
To Larry (hho2u.com) We have thoroughly tested the 11 plate system on a 1600 Hyundai petrol car and have received results of an amazing 52% gain in mileage. My mechanic is blown away, these are real results, as I said we tested over and over. I am excited, please send me a wholesale invoice for 5) 11 plate hho dry cell kits and 4) 21 plate systems.
Thank you - George from Greece

 South African hho dry cell install :Worldwide hho dry cell sales
First Name : Shaun
Comments : Hi Larry,
I recently Bought myself an 11-plate HHO Drycell generator, fitted it to my 2003 Mercedes ML270 CDI & the fuel consumption has improved from 13l per 100km to around 10.3l per 100km almost a 30% improvement - not to even mention the increase in power. Recently we went fishing & the vehicle had 7 x adults & everyone commented on the immense power my Vehicle had being only a 2.7l with autobox!

Upon sharing my secret with some of my friends I have managed to get a few orders to help them save as well.

I see if we buy bulk " 5x 11 plate HHO-Dry cells I can get for US$450 with freight to South Africa, I need 4 x 11-plate & one 21-plate unit (for a V6 machine)as a package, please can you indicate a good Wholesale price for this set of equipment.

Looking forward to your reply

 Hi Larry;Complete hho systems for hydrogen on demand
After running 3 tanks of fuel through my Tahoe ( 4 wheel drive v-8 diesel )
 I can now say for sure the 21 plate hho dry cell kit is giving me
about 5 miles more for
 each gallon of fuel, I don't know what percent that is but I'm happier than a pig in sh..
Thank you - Mario
- HHO Texas
Hi hho2u :
We installed the 21 plate dry cell kit on our 2008 GMC Acadia best hho generator from hho2u.com
and went from 13.5 to 20.5, we did however have to get the EFIE from fuelsaver
to adjust the o2s
Awesome hho generators guys.  
Hi Larry. I have installed the HHO kits you sent to me and although i have only done 458km I seem to have the following. Cooler engine. More power maybe 15% to 20%.Better mileage 450km on the clock but fuel gauge still showing 3/4 full. The next fill will give the correct mileage per gallon, or liters per hundred KM as we now say here. Oil pressure seems to be a little higher, maybe due to lower engine hho Australia positive resultstemp.Very little black deposit on the little car we are towing behind. Awesome Larry. Can you please do a really urgent send as the goods are going to my father in law and then he has to send them to me as we are traveling around Australia in our bus. He is in Ulladulla ( deep south) and we are in Cairns. Right up at the top of Australia
Thanks, Frank.PS I have paid tonite by bankcard thru Paypal.
 Mario in Florida -- hho dry cell and reservoir tank - 21 plate
Hey Larry, checking in, I Installed the 21 plate dry cell  on a V-8 Tahoe 4 wheel drive. I am very pleased, went from 10 mpg to 15 mpg, Awesome, Please send me an email with your hho dry cell wholesale prices -
Your Hydrogen on Demand System works !!
 HHO Europe:11 plate dry cell hho in Netherlands
Hey Larry the 11 plate hho drycell kit works awesome.
We installed on a Volvo, 1.6 motor that uses petrol and lpg and are
getting results of about 35% savings with both fuels. Also at check the carbon monoxide levels went down 95% and unburnt went down 15%. We want to represent hho2u.com in the Netherlands.

Thanks Bjorn
 July 25th - 2010 )
Hi Larry;
After running 3 tanks of fuel through my Tahoe ( 4 wheel drive v-8 diesel ) I can now HHo Europe - Wholesale europe hho dry cells
say for sure the 21 plate hho dry cell kit is giving me about 5
miles more for each gallon of fuel.
I don't know what percent
that is but I'm happier than a pig in sh.. Thank you
 - Mario

 Hi Larry, I am having success with the units you sent me. I am making 3 LPM at about 15 to 16 amps. I have wired them in series to arrive at 13.49 volte from
each cell from my 24 volt system. Not sure exactly how many amps because you would need a digital amp meter to get the exact reading.


Best hho dry cell complete systemsGood Evening Larry,
  I finally got hold of a KOH supplier here in Holland.
Because of 9-11 and all those terrorist stories its not easy to get even the simplest chemicals here.
 I am now in the proces of testing the drycell and i  am getting amazing results.
  For example without using the Drycell my car computer displays 224 km (to go with the remaining fuel)
If I switch it on I am getting a reading of 293 km.
That's a 30.8 % gain.
 To hho2u.com :hho generators for marine application hhodrycell
Put the dual 11 on the boat we had talked about and saw significant results.
Check this out - as we were coming to dock one of the engines lost fuel.
I stuck the hho gas output directly in the carburetor throat and fired it up and limped in with just hho running it.
I'm sold - This hydrogen on demand works !!

 Hi Larry;hho2u.com - European and usa hho dry cells
Thought I would let you know the dual hho generator system you sent produce good result on the 1974 dump truck.
Considering this 477 cu. in motor gobbles the gas, bringing down the consumption by 2 miles per gallon is absolutely  great.
thanks for the dry cells and all the support.
Mike - Florida

 Hey Larry:best 21 plate hho dry cell   
Got my hho dry cell kit installed on my 2006 Cadillac. Ended up putting it in the trunk with a pump. after adding the volo chip I am getting - are you ready - 23 mpg around town and 30 to 35 mpg on the freeway, hows that for results.
Thanks for all the honesty and a great hho dry cell generator design and complete hydrogen on demand system.
Andrea - Indiana
Larry thought I would let you know how my install went. 11 plate hho dry cell best design - 3 hole
We put the 11 plate kit on a 2000 jeta.
After a few fill ups we are getting 38 miles per gallon as before we got 30.
This is Awesome, Thanks.
from New York.
"Got my HHO dry cell kit yesterday! Was amazed how much stuff you supply with t11 cell hho dry cell - Tested hho dry cell kithe kit.
After finishing the installation we took the car on a run and it seems to have extra power.
We ran it About 200 miles and it seems we are getting 3- 5 miles a gallon gain.
I will test more and let you know.
Thank You so very Much
James Calif.

We got our hho dry cell last week and finally got it installed this Best HHO Dry Cell
weekend .It took a wile to round up the wiring, hoses and such  to make a complete hydrogen on demand system (shouda got the Kit)  It's all hooked up now and churning out HHO bubbles. We are doing a test run today, we'll let you know how it goes.
   Thanks so Much, John & Kathy
Elk Grove Ca.

 Here is an Email sent to Mike at the Fuelsaver From one Texas HHO installer.
Hi Mike,
Almost ready to order the Quad Digital EFIE Basic. Got some problems
With my 1997 GMC 4.3L. Getting codes P0141 & P0302. As you know
Sometimes these are symptoms of a more difficult problem to solve. Funnyhho2u.com - Best hho generator dry cell
Thing happened first time I inject HHO into the air intake and ran it a bit,
Some white smoke exhausted the tail pipe then cleared, then
The engine check light went out, but came back on later without the HHO.
I ordered and tested a 11-plate dry cell from Larry (hho2u.com) and will
Be installing it soon. I am also about ready to place a second order with
Him. I tested mine and got 1.5 lpm using 95% pure NaOH in distillate H20.
My repeated testing outside the vehicle lines up completely with what he
Shows in his videos on comparing HHO cells.

Best regards,
Bob Elliott
Lampasas, Texas
"pickup truck country"
This is from Kevin in Nevada who will be installing our HHO Dry cell / Hydrogen on demand Diesel systems on long haul trucks very soon ...

Hey Larry the latest 21 plate dry cell kit I installed is performing great on my wife's 2008 GMC Acadia. I had to tweak the O2 sensors with a dual EFIE but now I'm am actually seeing about a 40% gain in fuel mileage, thanks, looking forward to the Diesel hydrogen generator installs.
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HHO Europe, USA, Australia, India and all over the world.
Our hho dry cell design is becoming the most used hho generator when installing Hydrogen on demand systems. And for good reason, these hho generators are proving to be the most reliable units available and produce the hho gas as stated for the size of motor specified.
The results on this page are REAL people like you and I that installed our hho dry cell kits and sent back feed back. We are especially proud of the fact that we are becoming the preferred supplier of hho generators in European countries, where the gas (petrol) prices are out of hand. Experimenters in Greece are seeing Awesome results with our hho dry cell kits.