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Relay For HHO Dry Cell Kits and Hydrogen on Demand Systems

The HHO generator wiring has one important necessary feature: its ability to automatically turn on and off the hho gas generator.
Instead of using a toggle switch to operate the hho system, a relay is installed. What is a relay?  A relay is an electrical switch that controls another circuit. It is also a device that contain an electrical winding motor inside which when powered up, will allow connection of 2 wires or circuits together. Example: Let us say you have a 4 terminal relay‚Ķif winding motor has terminals A & B and if battery power is supplied to each end of these terminals, the remaining 2 contact terminals C & D will connect together.

This is important in our Hydrogen on demand wiring which needs to be shut off when we stop the engine. If we are using a toggle switch to turn the HHO generator on, there is a chance that we can forget to shut the toggle switch off. As a matter of fact one of our customers who installed the hho dry cell kit did just that. Luckily he was laughing when he told me he went into walmart and didn't turn his hho system off, when he started the motor the hho gas had built up in the air plenum and blew up the duct work. Could have been worst, HHO Is EXPLOSIVE.
If we have a relay, then power can can be supplied automatically to the hho generator. When power supply to the HHO generator is connected to a relay, everything can be controlled from the ignition key circuit. Still other installers, can connect the power supply to the fuel pump so that the hho gas generator only works when the fuel pump is on. This is another safe way to control hydrogen assisted cars which can prevent running the hho gas generator continuously when you are not driving the car.

When installing a hho relay, there are usually 4 terminals:

2 terminals for the winding, one ground and one from ignition switch or any control circuit source.

2 terminals for the controlled circuit (in this case, the power supply to the hho generator: one incoming wire from a fused battery supply and the other outgoing wire to the hho gas generator power supply).

Shown on the video and hho install instructions is a simple hho generator wiring relay installation set up showing all of the above connections. For your safety, we recommend the following:

use #10 gage wires
use #30 amp or higher rating relay
locate the relay away from heat
secure all connections and make them tight