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Welcome to our Hydrogen on Demand products page.
When we first started building HHO generators and installing Hydrogen on demand systems it was our intentions to be able to help those that couldn't afford expensive hydrogen on demand systems or elaborate hho generators. We stuck to modifying and perfecting the Water4gas type hho generators. These are a very good start for someone that wants to experiment with HHO Gas, but not so good for a lasting Hydrogen on Demand system.

HHO Dry Cell vs Wet Cell

We have moved way past the water4gas hho generator design and Now offer the very best  hho dry cell design.

HHO 2u is proud to have the best hho dry cells and hho dry cell kits available.  You won't find better hho dry cell construction.
If you find any lower prices than ours they are more than likely not the same quality. Please do your research before buying any type of Hydrogen on demand parts.

 11 plate Best hho dry cell

If you need help in any way with your Hydrogen on Demand projects feel free to contact us.

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HHO2U is dedicated to bringing to you the best possible deals in the Hydrogen on Demand market place. Whether you are looking for complete hydrogen on demand systems or want to build your own HHO generator from scratch, or if you need replacement hydrogen on demand parts. You won't find lower prices or better service anywhere.

HHO2U Auto and Truck Hydrogen on Demand offers HHO parts along with selling the entire Hydrogen on Demand kits. This allows you to buy replacement items, or only order the harder to find components you need to build your own. Please see our Hydrogen on Demand Parts catalog.

 The purpose of these hho dry cell type hydrogen on demand systems is to encouraging the wide spread use of alternative fuels where the consumers can enjoy large savings on their fuel bills with a very small start up cost.  Equally as important, the use of these Hydrogen on Demand systems has proven beyond a doubt to greatly decrease the amount of harmful emissions put out at smog checks, both on gasoline and diesel powered vehicles. Hydrogen plays an important role in abundant, safe energy for each of us, and the world at large.

 Thousands of people have seen the startling truth of these Hydrogen on demand applications. With this many people being educated about electrolysis, hydrogen gas, hho generators and HHO Dry Cell kits we know we are helping people to do their part to clean up the environment and at the same time save lots of money.
We encourage you to learn all you can about this amazing
hho gas and hydrogen on demand
.If we can be of any help feel free to contact us.

If you are adding any HHO generator or Hydrogen on Demand system to your auto or truck that is a 1996 or newer you will need to add An EFIE device and Fuel Savers is the place to get the best EFIEs

Complete HHO Dry Cell Systems



11 Plate Dry Cell

6' #10 Black wire

6' #10 Red wire

6' reinforced 1/4" tubing

6 Zip ties

6 Self Tapping Mount Screws

6 Hose Clamps

12 Electrical Connectors

50 AMP Gauge

Bubbler tank

4 Hose Barbs



We no longer ship the MAP Sensor adjuster with these kits because most people didn't even need them.

If your vehicle needs further adjustment with electronics go to - FUELSAVER on our EFIE's Page and such.

These Guys are the only dependable and trustworthy place on the Internet to get your EFIE electronics from.

  This is no doubt the most complete Hydrogen on Demand System you will find for these Prices - If you can find these HHO dry cells or hho dry cell kits for Less they are not the same quality !

$174.00 SHIPPED - 9 PLATE Complete HHO Dry cell KIT 

9 Plate HHO Dry Cell Kit

$195.00 SHIPPED - 11 PLATE Complete HHO Dry cell KIT

USA or International

$259.00 SHIPPED - 21 PLATE Complete HHO Dry cell KIT 

USA or International

More hho dry cell kits - New 13 and 25 plate design

HHO2U's Hydrogen Generators and hydrogen on demand systems are built with The  highest Grade Material and come completely assembled and ready to install.
Only 316L  Laser Cut Stainless Steel Plate is used to make the electrodes.

Our HHO Economy DIY kit is a great deal for those that want to build their own HHO Electrolyzer (HHO Generator). Most of the hard work is done. Read the book and assemble it and you will have your own HHO Dry Cell generator built with your hands that looks like the shown pictures.
The HHO generator is the main component to a complete Hydrogen on Demand system.

Our HHO generators produce very good hydrogen levels at minimum amperage. With the improvements we have made to the original gasmaker hho dry cell design it produces twice the hho as the original single hole dry cells you will see others still selling.
We are not beginners in this hydrogen on demand technology and we know that there are endless choices of HHO generators out there, In fact we build many different sizes and styles.

The 3 hole design has proved to be the most efficient hho dry cell on the market due to the unique way the water is circulated. Check out these hho dry cell test videos.

The point is to bring to you a very affordable Hydrogen on Demand unit, that is DIY friendly and
that will give you good results to start, and can be expanded upon.
A quote from Ozzie:
Hydrogen On Demand technology is old - over 91 years old. All we've done is raise it from the dead, and develop a simple structure based on low cost hardware. Although there is a myriad of hydrogen generating designs out there, ours is the simplest and also the safest for the beginner.

We have come a long way since the water4gas hho generators, but have kept the same mindset - to help people get a hho generator that will give them good results for very little investment.

Our 11 plate hho dry cell puts out as much hho gas as a whole six pack of water4gas jars and much safer.

Thank You Ozzie for getting this HHO Gas revolution started !!

**  Please don't be fooled by other hydrogen generators and hydrogen on demand systems that are just here to make a quick buck using cheap materials, or deceptive tactics.We know that this unit will work for you because we have been running the same unit on our cars for many months.

Some Recent Questions about or Design:
This unit is installed on 2002 Dodge truck.Dual hho dry cell - Dodge truck install

Quad cab 4x4 with a 5.9L V8 that went from 10 to 14 MPG

I run both Cells at around 5-7 amps

Each cell is wired independently through its own relay and breaker.

This ensures that each cell gets the full 12-13.2 volts and nothing gets hot.



2- 11 Plate Dry Cell's  - 12' #10 Black wire - 12' #10 Red wire - 8' reinforced 1/4" tubing

6 Zip ties - 12 Self Tapping Mount Screws - 12 Hose Clamps - 24 Electrical Connectors

2- 50 AMP Gauge's - Bubbler tank -  4 Hose Barbs - 2) 30 AMP AUTO RESET BREAKER

2) 30/40 AMP RELAY


$359.99 SHIPPED to Usa

USA or International

Make sure you do not miss out on the best Hydrogen on Demand parts catalog on the web. GO TO OUR HHO GENERATOR and HYDROGEN ON DEMAND PARTS PAGE       

    Don't let the oil companies trick you any more. The price may have gone down a little for now, but as history has told us, it will go back up. Do some thing to shake off their control of you by adding HHO/ Hydrogen on demand to your car or truck now and start enjoying the 25% or more savings in your fuel bills.

Please remember these Hydrogen on Demand devices work off PERCENTAGE, so if you want to save money what is the difference if Gas is $5.00 a gallon or $3.00 you are still throwing away money if you don't install a good HHO generator that can save you a percentage of what your spending now.

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