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 Hydrogen on Demand and HHO Dry Cell Pulse Width Modulators - PWMs
Finding HHO Dry Cells and Water Fuel Information

PWM's Pulse Width Modulators for your HHO  Hydrogen Generator

Mounted in a  fan cooled enclosure
 ready for install.

 All holes are pre-cut, fan and PWM are installed
All screws included

**FREE SHIPPING for any additional units**

30 day MONEY BACK GUARANTEE for this item!

I can do this because most of you guys have been very honest. Please don't abuse the privilege.

These HHO generator PWMs work perfect with our hho dry cells when installed according to our instructions - Keep Your Dry Cells Under 20 amps.

 No one else does this when offering hho generator accessory parts.

Because of this my PWM's with the fan cooling can take more power than
 the other guys units so almost none of them fail.

- The PWM HHO Generator Controller Parts Specifications -

1) PWM Unit MX66 Two Transistor PWM

2) Black ABS Plastic Enclosure
Size 4.7" x 3.2"x 2.2"
with mounting flange

 3) Cooling Fan - 60mm x 10mm Ball Bearing Fan

4) Adjustment Knob

All the holes are pre-drilled and unit comes fully assembled with the fan leads soldered to the board.

You will have to unmount the board by removing two screws and the pot retaining nut to make the connections to the PWM

To install just feed the wires through the large holes in the back of the box connect the two power wires to the two outside spade connectors making sure the + wire goes to the + spade on the PWM and connect the HHO generator to the inside two spade connectors.

Full Installation Instructions come with this hho pulse width modulator

The pulse width modulator (PWM) has an onboard trim potentiometer to control the amount of RMS voltage and current to your hydrogen booster.

You will have total control of your HHO Dry cell's temperature

Your HHO Generator will run cooler and make more monoatomic hydrogen which has greater ability to increase fuel mileage.

The PWM pulses at 100hz.
This PMW may be used on any 12 volt systems.

This is the two transistor model with two IRF110AMP MOSFET which have greater power handling over any single transistor unit out there.

Power supply  12/24 VDC via. jumper
Load voltage  12/24 VDC  30A max
Output: PWM (Pulse-Width Modulation) for controlling DC loads.
Output frequency : 100Hz.
Adjust DC output range from 0% to 100%

Shipped Worldwide - USE Option

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