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Testimonials on Our HHO Dry Cell Kits and Hydrogen on Demand Systems

Europe HHO
Thank You to everyone who has taken the time from Europe and all over the world to send back results from your hho Generator installs.hho Generators = Green Energy
Australian HHO

Aussies care about clean air - and Australian hho installers have proven test results that adding hho gas to their fuel mixture drastically lowers emission levels.

We are proud to be the the number one supplier of hho generators and complete Hydrogen on Demand systems in Australia and will continue to help those that want to install hho dry cell kits to help clean up our air.

Proven to reduce harmful emissions by all who have run test, both private and Governmental agencies - HHO Dry Cell Kits are not a cure all, but if enough of them are installed around the globe there will Most Definitely be a dent put into the green house gases.

How can I  protect the HHO Dry cell from freezing?

For All our customers installing HHO Generators in Canada and other "Freezing" climates.

Some people say that freeze protection isn't necessary, since the electrolytic injection cell will eventually warm up after you start your vehicle and then build up to its normal output. However, this may not be what you want, so adding a freezing point depressant is recommended during the winter months. In extremely cold climates, a heater would be more effective than using a great deal of additives.
Methyl alcohol - Sometimes called wood alcohol, methanol is a very poisonous and a highly effective freezing point depressant for water.
Print or download the entire hho Generator Freeze protection report
HHo Dry Cell Freeze Help

HHO Europe, USA, Australia, India and all over the world.
Canada HHO installers are now using our hho dry cells and kits more than any other Hydrogen on demand system, for good reason -- Our HHO Generators WILL Produce hho gas as Described.
Our hho dry cell design is becoming the most used hho generator when installing Hydrogen on demand systems. And for good reason, these hho generators are proving to be the most reliable units available and produce the hho gas as stated for the size of motor specified.
The results on this page are REAL people like you and I that installed our hho dry cell kits and sent back feed back. We are especially proud of the fact that we are becoming the preferred supplier of hho generators in European countries, where the gas (petrol) prices are out of hand. Experimenters in Greece are seeing Awesome results with our hho dry cell kits.
Fri, May 04, 2012 10:53 pm Australia
I have made a new reservoir out of PVC and am testing it now.

my first run was 200k's with a drop in fuel use of 5ltrs per 100k's.
I will report further tests as
I continue. I run a 1992 Nissa anPatrol diesel.
 And live in West Australia.
 Tylor - Florida hho installerdual 11 plate dry cell system
Thanks Larry this dual 11 plate dry cell system Rocks. On my 1977 Jeep
 with a 304 v-8 I am getting a 4 mile per gallon gain, to me  that's great improvement.
Hi Larry:Best HHO dry cell Design - hho2u hydrogen generator
Did my first fill up after installing the 11 plate dry cell and calculated a gain of 4 miles per gallon of gas. I am still running very few amps, gauge almost doesn't show a reading.
Should i amp it up to 10 to get even more production ?
Thanks so much
Gary -- Indiana

Awesome product gentleman we put  your hho generator on our Ford
ranger, we we
hho europe and usa hho wet cell generatorre already getting about 20 miles per gallon and now appears to be more like 25. We are very satisfied with our "cheap" Hydrogen on Demand set up.

Tom & Pat
Kingman Az.
Hi Larry, bought your book HHO2U -
Build Your Own Hydrogen Generator, looks great althoughEbook - Build your own HHO generator
 I haven't had the time yet to make my Hydrogen on
Demand system I don't think I'll have any problems
following your guide.
Thank You for putting this together and selling it so cheap !!

Aron, Searchlight Nv.

Sure am glad I came across your web sight. I have been studying aboutHHO Dry Cell Kit - DIY dry cell design hydrogen on Demand systems but did not
see anything I could afford until I saw your products. I bought your kit, it was so simple to put together, can't wait to get it on my car.
Betty, Bakersfield Ca.

twin hho dry cell kit - two 11 plate hho dry cellsWe installed the double HHo generator kit according to your instructions and sure enough in about 5 minutes the motor sounded smooth. The old lady and I drove it apx. 120 miles for a test an it appears that we gained about 5 miles per gallon. Only thing we did other than install the Hydrogen on demand was added the EFIE you recommended.
Thanks Larry !!

 I am thoroughly impressed with all your honest advice, you were right. I installed the dry cell  HHO generator,  hydrogen on demand system and the only other thing I added was a O2 extender and it did the trick on my 1994 Taurus.
Thanks for not trying to sell me stuff I didn't need.

Hi Larry,Best Complete hho dry cell kits

 The units you hand delivered to me in Bakersfield were great. If I needed two more, can you send them to me right away? Please let me know. I had bought two other units on ebay and they are junk. I am trying to return them and we would like to deal w
ith you only when installing our Hydrogen on Demand systems.
Let me know as soon as you can.You can reach me by
phone at ; 

Thanks, Ray
Hi Larry,
Just wanted to touch base to let you know the 21 cell HHO Dry cell is working perfect.
I haven't run the car yet but got through testing it
21 cell hho dry cell - Tested hho dry cell
 out and it runs 80 degrees at 17 amps.
Can you put me together a 6x6 hho dry cell ?

Thank You, Curtis Gray - Georgia


We need more of you Canada HHO installers to send back reports.

HHO2u is now Becoming the Major supplier of HHO Dry cells in Ireland.
HHO Ireland installers are spreading the Hydrogen on demand good news.
It Never fails One hydrogen on demand install can create an avalanche of installs and positive reports as Real People are seeing REAL results with our hho Dry Cell complete kits and are quite happy to spread the good news.

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