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hho2u best hho dry cell design

Advantages Of A HHO Dry Cell

HHO Dry Cell vs Wet Cell

So, what's all the controversy about? Why is the HHO Dry Cell a better design?

Here are 2 main reasons:

   1. When the edges of the plates of a hho generator are submerged in the water/catalyst bath a great deal of the electrical current passes through the edges of the plates. This current is largely wasted in terms of HHO production. When the edges are outside of the bath, as with the hho dry cell, all of the current is forced to travel directly to the faces of the plates. Therefore all of the current supplied to the hho generator is utilized in efficiently making HHO gas.
This is the main reason the hho dry cell design has become so popular.

   2. The electrolyte bath attacks and will eventually destroy the electrical connections if they are submerged. With the hho dry cell design they are outside of the water/catalyst solution which is stored in a separate reservoir and recirculated by the hho dry cell, providing the cell is designed correctly, this helps in producing more hho gas and less heat (steam).

The plates of our HHO dry cells are made of 316L 18 gauge stainless steel. You will see many cell designers with 20 gauge or less, we prefer to use thicker material to insure you will get a life time of usage from your system without wear out. 316L has been found to have the best properties of resistance to attack from the process of electrolysis. However, mounting hardware, wire and cable are very difficult to find in 316L grade and are unnecessary not to mention very costly to use.
 Therefore copper cable is usually used by Hydrogen on Demand installers when installing their hho generators. And a lower grade of stainless steel nuts and bolts are used by most hho dry cell generator builders for assembly.

With the HHO dry cell design, all of these connections are outside of the electrolyte so this isn't an issue.

Why is it that a hho dry cell design produces more hho gas?

Because it is much more efficient, there is not a lot of wasted spaced and electrolyte solution that is not being used and charged with current. The very small volume of electrolyte solution that enters the hho dry cell is subjected to electrical current and able to react and create hho, then exit the hho dry cell generator and recirculate, carrying the hho gas with it to be separated at the top of the reservoir tank.

Why do hho dry cells run cooler than other hho generators?

Again, because of the design of the hho drycell, with the "wet cell" generators the heat created by the electrolysis process has no place to go. With the Dry Cell Design the electrolyte solution is gravity fed from the tank in order to keep it replenished, if the dry cell is designed correctly (like ours) there is no need for a pump to recirculate the fluid and hho back to the tank. A constant flow keeps the HHO System from overheating.

Thank You Everyone For Your HHO Dry cell Orders -Now Thousands of satisfied  installers Worldwide using our design:
If you wish to make special orders for large wholesale hho dry cells or other hho parts Please Email us as we will be able to get the emails easier than Phone messages some times. You can also visit our HHO dry cell Wholesale page.


This Dry Cell is one of the most effective on the market today.

The most used HHO Generator in Europe and USA

The HHO Dry Cell design shown below has about 80-90% total efficiency when all things are considered (ambient temperature, ambient pressure, accurate measurement of gas volume and current) when powered by straight DC. Pulsing or modulation of the input voltage waveform to this hho dry cell could increase the performance further, as it is known that in the beginning of each pulse larger current flows than in the steady state condition, thus lowering the cell voltage needed to push threw a certain amount of current and increasing the efficiency of a Hydrogen Generator slightly.

Thousands of satisfied customers stand behind these hho dry cells.

Why is the 11 plate hho dry cell the "best" design to some ?
And the 13 plate design "better" for others ?

I do not claim to know everything there is to know about Electrolysis, but the lowest "theoretical" voltage for electrolysis is understood to be 1.24 volts and if you don't go over 1.48 volts the electrolysis chamber (cell) will remain cool - similar to the environment you have it in, if you do go over 1.48 v  you are producing some heat.

So there comes a point at which you must trade some of your energy to produce heat in order to get the desired hho gas output.

The 11 plate hho dry cell has a total of 10 separate cell chambers, and the 13 a total of 12 divide by an additional Positive plate the arrangement of the plates and the hole configuration of our cells is what has proven to be the dry cell design that produces the most hho gas with the least amperage draw.
Although the extra neutral plates in the 13 and 25 plate configurations divides the 12 to 13.8 volts from your charging system into smaller increments for a more energy efficient cell it does take much more catalyst to achieve the desired amp draw.
Many people would rather work with a much less (concentrated) cuastic fluid as is needed with the 11 plate cell.

Conclusion : For the Novice Mechanic wanting to experience the benefits of of adding hho gas to their vehicle by installing an hho generator our overall design is the way to go. Whither you use the 11 plate design or anything up to the 25 plate cell our cells produce maximum out put at minimum amp draw.

This HHO Dry Cell Design Produces clean hho gas at low amp draw, you chose the dry cell, or cells that best suit your engine size. Extensive testing has been ongoing for years as to how much hho gas is needed for optimal results on the average motor vehicle. According to NASA and other test, including ours and other hho installers 5% of the fuel mix is all you need. This works out to be Apx. 1/4 to 1/2 LPM ( liter per minute ) of hho gas per Liter of motor size. Recently the Fuelsaver has done testing that concludes as little as 1/8 LPM will give satisfactory results if your hho system is installed correctly.

I will publish a more detailed article on this subject and add a link for those who want to do more research.

European countries are catching on to the awesome effects hho generators and Hydrogen on demand systems can have on there autos and trucks. We are proud to say our hho drycell is producing awesome results in Greece, Netherlands, Italy, France, and all over Europe as well as all over Australia.

Here is just one awesome test result in Greece with our hho dry cell generator design

European hho dry cell results :

Install - our 11 plate dry cell system on a 1600cc auto using petrol resulted in 52% increase in gas mileage and near 90% lower emissions. Although 50% increase is rare it has been accomplished in some vehicles. The trick is to install the correct hho dry cell that fits your motor size.

Here is a recent note from a West Virgin installer -
Hey this is Eddie Day from West Virginia I got the 21 plate dry cell on my truck, just wanted to let you know it's working great, I am getting 5 miles more to the gallon on my 350 chevy truck now.
Thank you, God Bless.

You can find a lot more feed back on our testimonial page, on average 15 to 25% gains, some as high as 60%.

Please Do Your HHO Dry Cell and HHO Dry Cell Kit Home Work Before You Purchase Any HHO Generator.


These "HHO Generators", will produce Hydrogen and Oxygen gas.

Hydrogen is a volatile colorless gas that has a low temperature ignition point. This gas also has no smell. Serious injuries and bodily harm can occur if the device is not handled or used properly! HHO2U.com Fuel Systems takes no responsibility in damage to mechanical or bodily injury!
Please read our "Terms of use page"
Please, Safety First when dealing with any hydrogen generators !

11 cell hho dry cell - Tested hho dry cell kit
 11 cell hho dry cell - Diy hho dry cell kit  11 cell hho dry cell - Complete hho dry cell kit - install

What Makes this Hydrogen on Demand Website Different from Others ?

You Will No Doubt Run Across other hho generator sites selling The Same Type of  HHO Dry Cell and HHO Dry Cell Kits. This 4x4 hho generator is the most copied out there. As everyone is searching for a compact hho generator that will produce the right amount of hho gas needed at low amp draw.
What separates HHO2U from these Guys ?
  *  We Have Honestly Built, Experimented and Implemented Hydrogen on Demand Systems built with many different hydrogen generators.
We believe this HHO Dry Cell Design is the best hho generator available at these prices.
You can be overwhelmed by the different hho generator designs, sizes and shapes once you start studying this awesome yet simple hydrogen on demand technology.
  * Our Excellent Customer Service.
You do not have to buy anything from us to get help on your hho generator projects.
We Are Happy To Take Your Phone Calls And Answer Your HHO Dry Cell and Hydrogen on Demand Questions. We Don't Hide behind an Email Address So We Can Remain Anonymous.
You can also shoot us an email with questions about our hho dry cells or anything else regarding Hydogen on demand projects. We don't claim to have all the answers but we do have connections to hho installers all over the world we can resource.

The Best HHO Dry Cell - Superior Design

11 Plate hho dry cell design or our new 13 plate
11 Plate hho dry cell 11 stainless steel plates - hho dry cell plates   -nnnn+nnnn-
  These hho dry cell plate configuration will produce  1 to 1 1/2 LPMs

Starting at $99.99

Priority Shipping Included To USA
International Please use option to order your drycells, Mexico same as Canada price

USA or International

The plates used in These hho dry cell Designs are 3.5" x 3.5" 18 gauge 316L stainless steel

The O Rings are Buana 70 Nitrile

heat resistant to 260 degrees

The Acrylic is 4"x4"x1/2 thick rated at 300 degrees

The 2 hose barbs are now 3/8" - "high - low"

The attachment bracket angles are aluminum.

2 1/4-20 wing nuts for easy connection to the power source.

These 21 and 25 Plate HHO DRY CELLS Are Perfect For V-6 Installs

If you think you need more hho production we have Dual Complete systems on our "complete dry cell  Kit " page that work very well for even large v8 motors.

HHO DRY CELL 21 STAINLESS STEEL PLATES Most used hho dry cell World Wide.
We have added an option at the payment button to buy our new 25 plate drycell if you wish, from this link or go to the green block below

21-plate -nnnn+nnnn-nnnn+nnnn-hho dry cell Will Produce apx.2 LPMs


Priority Shipping Included to USA

USA or International

After Years of research and development our hho cells are now the favored generator for producing clean HHO at an amp draw that is acceptable for efficiency. The 13 and 25 plate hho cells will run cool for extremely long periods of time. These Dry Cells are virtually indestructible. We have worked hard since 2008 to put together the design of a cell that will run longer and keep producing clean hho. Now almost 2018 we are still serving the people.
We Have Been getting a Lot of calls for Ordering Just The
- HHO Dry Cells  With Reservoirs -

 So Here It Is in the option you can pick the dry cell of your choice as well as where to ship.

4" X 4" HHO Dry Cells - 18G 316L Plates

11 - plate Dry Cell
13 - plate Drycell


$144.00 Priority Shipping Included

International or USA

21 plate Drycell
25 plate Dry Cell

$214.00 Priority Shipping Included

Shipped Worldwide - USE Option


Prices includes shipping


If You Want the Complete HHO Generator System With All Wiring Tubing And  Fittings For A Complete Hydrogen On Demand System Click The Link Below

Complete Hydrogen on Demand Systems Using Our Awesome HHO Dry Cells design - Click Here -
hho dry cell design complete kits -hho dry cell best kit construction
I and many other hydrogen generator experimenters have spent 1000s of hours on research and development to bring to the public the most efficient HHO Dry Cell generator design.
Experiments have been done with many different hho generator designs, both wet cells and hho dry cells.
Large and small wet cell and Dry cell hho generators have been thoroughly tested, many different stainless steel plate sizes and grades, amps needed to be most efficient, different hole configurations in our stainless plates .. and on and on.
We have narrowed it down to the 3.5 x 3.5 316L stainless steel plates, configuration of plates and placement of holes that we use in building our hho dry cells. This "4x4 hho dry cell" is now the most copied on the market. The One thing we will not give out as open source is the preparation of our dry cell plates. This is why our hho dry cell produces more hho at less amps than some that may look similar.
At peak efficiency you can expect 1LPM from around 7.5 amps at 13.2 volts. Most of our customers report 1.5LPM at around 15 to 18 amp draw. These hho dry cells run at peak performance at under 20 amps. This a purposeful part of our hho dry cell design. because at over 20 amps the alternator must work harder which in turn causes the engine to work harder, which takes more gas.
For that matter any Hydrogen on demand system added to a vehicle with a stock alternator should be designed to run under 20 amps.
Two things you need to know if you are purchasing any type of "Hydrogen on demand" system or "hho generator system" is the amount of amps it will draw compared to the LPMs (liters per minute) of hho gas produced.

KOH Electrolyte For Your
HHO Dry Cell or HHO wet Cell Generators Click Here

Resell hho dry cells - HHO Dry Cell Wholesale

If you are looking to get into the HHO business,for the right reasons (to help folks save Money)

this is the perfect product for you to resell.

 This is a Superior hho dry cell design.

These HHO Dry Cells are attractive and easy to install. 

You can easily resell for over 75% profit, Especially if you are a Hydrogen on Demand system installer.

We offer wholesale discounts for orders of 10 or more hho dry cells or complete hho dry cell kits.

We do not charge for a distributor license.


HHO Dry Cell Wholesale Worldwide

(661) 350 - 0682

2 liter per minute of hho from an 11 cell HHO Dry Cell Kit ?

 Is your hho dry cell or other hho generator actually making HHO Gas?

One of the most common issues we encounter when trying to debug hydrogen on demand systems is that the proper amount of HHO gas is not being produced,
or is not getting into the engine for some reason.
Check your HHO generator first. Measure the output of your HHO dry cell by doing a water displacement test.
This is fairly simple test where you use a empty bottle upside down floated in water and run your hho gas out-put tube into it for one minute.

If your hho generator seems to be putting out the liters per minute that you expected move on to the next and most important hho gas test.

Now you need to check whether your unit is making HHO or steam.
You will see all kinds of hho video and claims from so called hho experts where their hho dry cell or other type of hydrogen generator seems to be putting out massive amounts of hho gas.
These guys are applying so much amperage to their hho generators that the units are producing more steam than anything else.
 If your hho dry cell runs hot to the touch, you must suspect that at least part of your output is steam.

One way to test for steam in your hho gas is to run gas coming from the outlet tube of your hho generator over some ice.
If you get significant amounts of fog forming (water droplets), you know that at least part of your output is steam.
How Our HHO Dry Cells And Hho Dry Cell Kits Work

      These HHO Dry Cell generators are a circulating system design. The water travels from the reservoir through the cell and then back into the reservoir. No water pumps are needed.
The key to this circulating system is the way our hho dry cells are designed. You may come across other dry cell designs claiming to be successful with less holes and obscured ideas that our three hole design takes away from surface area. Common sense will tell you that if the water can't circulate properly the dry cell will over heat and dry too many amps.
This hho generator design acts like a pump creating a self siphoning system that carries the hho gas and water back into the reservoir. The reservoir stores the water that is circulated through the system and also acts as a bubbler system where the water and hho gas are separated and the water is recirculated.
This water circulation makes it easier to control temperature of your hho generator which is why our hho dry cells are becoming very popular for those installing hydrogen on demand on their autos and trucks. 
Honest, accurate HHO Dry Cell Test Videos

Here are some Helpful pictures for installing your hho drycell as well as Videos on wiring your HHO generator, efies, pwms and other stuff included in your Hydrogen on Demand kits.
HHO Generator Help Videos

HHo Dry Cell System Installer List Coming Soon ...

We now Have hho system Installers in Arizona Texas and California who are quite familiar with our dry cell systems, and have produce great results with these kits for those of you who would rather have someone who is familiar with Hydrogen On Demand Installs add your fuel saving equipment to your vehicle. They will professionally install our HHO Dry Cell Kits on Your Car or Truck.

 hho dry cell vs wet cell - Complete hho dry cell kits replace wet cell hho generators  Water4gas hho generator have been replaced by hho dry cells  hho dry cell design makes the difference in hho gas production  dual efie -  this efie circuit is the dual digital efie  2 - 11 plate hho dry cell the ultimate hho dry cell kit  Diy hho generator for hho dry cell Diy Kit builders

If You have installed Our Drycell Kits on your Vehicles or have positive results resulting in lowering fuel consumption of stand alone generators and such using our hho dry cells, and think you might want to help others to install hydrogen on demand on there cars and trucks, Please contact us.

What is the Right Mixture of KOH For My Hydrogen Generator or HHO Dry Cell ?

This seems to be the most asked question coming in to HHO 2u.

Important Update _ As there are so many different "Grades" of KOH Please START OUT Lite (5% or less) and add as needed to bring amp draw on your hhodry cell up slowly:

So Here It Is:
10% KOH concentration (by weight) is so far reported and understood to be the optimum. We run about a 10% solution in our 11 plate HHO dry cells at 15 amps warm and get 1- 1.5 LPM of HHO gas.

Water having a density of 1 gm/ml (gm and ml are equal)

KOH weighs apx. 11 grams per teaspoon. = ( 33 gms per Tbsp)

1 quart (qt) water = 946.35 grams

The total weight is always 1,000 grams containing whatever percentage of KOH that is wanted.
So without turning this into a science class -- 10% mix is APX. 3 tbsp. of KOH to 1 Quart of water.

To make 1 Kg of a 10% KOH solution by weight, add 100 grams of KOH to 900 cc of water. The total weight is always 1,000 grams containing whatever percentage of KOH that is wanted.
I hope this helps answer the question of how much KOH to mix for your HHO Dry Cell.

Adjust concentration of catalyst based on amperage draw of your hho dry cell at start up, as the normal loss of water due to use will gradually increase the concentration and subsequent amperage draw as it runs.

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