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Complete HHO DRY CELL Kits From HHO 2u

HHO Dry Cell Kits

Our HHO Dry Cells and Dry Cell Kits are assembled from all top of the line parts and materials designed for Max. production

Our complete systems and cells have been supplied to thousands of satisfied customers worldwide.
Having been in the hydrogen on demand business for years now, (2008 - 2017) we have seen a lot of hho parts, hho Kits and products come and go.
One question we receive frequently  about our hho generator kits is - Why are your Dry Cells and complete install kits less than others ?
Sometimes by huge amounts. Well first off we are not out to take advantage of people and get rich off something that should be saving folks money Also, we don't try to complicate things or hide our hho drycell in colored plastic and claim miraculous design technology.
You will see all kinds of hho ebay tricks; black, green and other colored cases; truth is if you open it up it is just another hho generator.
It is really quite simple
We started out to help people save money when gas prices were outrageous in 2008 building various  types of hho generator kits and systems. After experimenting with the dry cell in about 2009 we were convinced this was the way to go. It didn't take too long to find the correct configuration and design to produce maximum amounts of hho gas at lower amp draws.
We then started producing the best HHO Dry Cell Kit on the market at very reasonable prices and are constantly experimenting and upgrading to insure the hho dry cell kits we send out world wide are the best deal available for the price.
In 2014 we had already been past those $4.00 a gallon prices and leveled off just under $4.00 where it seems people had been conditioned to accept this as normal.
Don't be fooled again by the recent small reprieve, gas still isn't down where it should be in 2017 and seems to be creeping up as summer approaches . 
Our purpose of offering a genuine fuel saving system has not changed. All Hydrogen on Demand systems work on a percentage basis.

We don't make much per unit, but it is a blessing to us and those who are saving on fuel bills.
I can not answer why there are hydrogen generator "salesmen" selling hho kits for ridiculous  prices, and some selling only cells for the same price a complete kit should cost. Most of the Hydrogen Generators out there put out the same volume of hho gas or maybe less than what our hho dry cell kit has proven to produce time and time again by hho installers World wide. If you take the time to check out our hho kit Testimonial page you will see results from people all over the world.
We don't make this stuff up these are real people, World Wide hho kit installers saving big in some cases.
 I can only truthfully tell you what our hho dry cells and kits will and will not do for you.

If you scroll on down the page you will find a system to fit almost any engine size commonly used. We also build custom cells up to 31 6x6 plates, when run on 24 Volts these cells will produce you 6 LPM at apx. 30 amps.

Here is an interesting note and some pictures of an install of our 21 plate unit out in the backwoods of Australia that came in the other day. Tell you the truth I tried to add an image gallery with quite a few pictures of installs and it is not working, so for now this works for me.
(I'm not a webmaster - more of a mechanical wizard)
  Name : Ray
Email : ******@bigpond.com
Comments : contacted you re an order of O rings and wish to know how I can send you extra money to cover costs of postage to Australia. I really need the O rings as I have been using your generator for the last 2 years to great success. I have gained 100 kilometres per tank on my GQ Nissan Patrol.

 11 cell hho dry cell - Diy hho dry cell kit  11 cell hho dry cell - Complete hho dry cell kit - install

My installation : The reservoir is in the position the air cleaner used to take up, just in front of the battery on the left side of the engine bay. the dry cell is mounted on the chassis under the alternator, The bubbler is mounted next to the top tank. The only thing I had to modify was the top tank. Yours didn't hold up to the major vibrations on the rough roads we have in the bush here. I made one out of PVC piping, this withstands the corrugated roads I sometimes have to travel. I was getting 510 kilometers pet tank of diesel (94 ltr's ) and now with the unit working 630 k's is the best result so far. The top tank is only about 10 inches above the unit. I will try to send photo's soon.
All in all I am very happy with my set up. A friend has just had one made here in Perth and is getting a much poorer result for his $2,500 outlay. I told him he should have got yours.
I was happy to send him the O-rings for helping us out by putting our hho kit to the test.


There seems to be a battle among the hho generator builders out there as to who can produce the most hho gas, that is great for use where it is needed. You also have to take into consideration the MAX. amp draw for a given amount of hho gas.
The truth is you only need to supplement 5% of your fuel mix with hho gas to see Optimal benefits, that is equivalent to approximately 1/4 to 1/2 LPM (liter per minute) of HHO Gas for each Liter of motor size. The fuelsaver just did some study showing in some cases as little as 1/8 LPM was enough to significantly change fuel consumption. We find the closer you can push to 1/2 LPM the better.
With our hho dry cell install kit it is our purpose to provide a high quality Hydrogen on Demand System that is a complete solution for the average "DIY" hho generator installer. You don't need to be a professional mechanic to install these hho dry cell kits.
With our complete kit the customer does not have to figure out what hho parts he or she needs and how the whole system is supposed to go together, it is helpful to have a mechanic install your hho generator kit but not necessary.
We have designed our dry cell kits  so that all of the key components and instruction needed for a successful Hydrogen on demand  installation are provided. If you want to view the basic hho dry cell kit install instructions please go to the "install help" tab in the navigation bar.
Easy install of Any hho kit  is key.  The whole idea behind a hydrogen on demand system is for you to start getting the benefits of this exciting hho technology within hours of receiving your complete hho kit.

We also strive to give you the best possible customer service. You don't have to be a prior customer to get help or answers about hho systems from us. Please be patient when calling or emailing questions about our HHO Dry Cell Kits (or any other hydrogen on demand ?)
 We will get back to you.
Please contact us if there is a question you need answered, or if there is anything we can do to make it easier for you to install any type of
 Hydrogen on Demand System.

One of the most frequently ask question is -- Which HHO Dry Cell Kit Do I Need For My Car ??

ANSWER :  The way hho induction works is based on LPM (liters per minute of hho gas) produced by your hho generator.
Best performance will be seen if you induce 1/4 to 1/2 LPM of hho per liter of motor - pushing closer to 1/2 if possible.

It matters not if your vehicle is a truck or car, Ford or Honda, it is based on motor size and lpms of hho

We use only 316L 18 gauge Stainless Steel in all our HHO Generators

The Plates Used in Our Dry Cells Are All Laser Cut, this does have an effect on performance and production of hho gas !!

The O Rings are Nitrile rubber heat resistant to 260 degrees

The Acrylic is 4"x4"x1/2" OR 7"x7"x1/2" thick rated at 300 degrees

The 2 hose barbs are 3/8" - "High Low"

The attachment bracket angles are aluminum

2 1/4-20 wing nuts for easy connection to the power source.


Complete HHO Dry Cell Systems

Best HHO Kit - HHO dry cell 11 plate kit



9 Plate, 11 Plate or 21 Plate Dry Cell
( Or New - The Best 13 or 25 plate Dry Cell on the Market )

6' #10 Black wire

6' #10 Red wire

6' 3/8" tubing

6 Zip ties

  10 Self Tapping Mount Screws

  8 Hose Clamps

12 Electrical Connectors

50 AMP Gauge

  Reservoir tank
Free Secondary Bubbler (hho scrubber)

  Hose Barb for hho induction to motor



 This is no doubt the most complete Hydrogen on Demand System you will find for these Prices - If you find these HHO dry cells or hho dry cell kits for Less they are not the same quality ! 

We will be phasing out our 9 plate hho dry cell kit as they are not energy efficient for a 12 or 13.5 volt (alternator output) system, please don't be fooled by those claiming to get better hho production with some magical "processing" of the stainless steel plates or less holes in the plates, you need the water to circulate not percolate, and you need the voltage spread to keep heat down.

HHO Dry Cell O-ring Kit - HHO Generator DIY

One of the questions we get coming in a lot about our hho dry cells is - How long will the O-rings in your dry cells last ?

The answer is : Depending on how hot you run them (amps you run at). We run our hho dry cell systems at a consistent 15 amps and they have about 30,000 on them and look new.
Much of our business does come from folks who have been running our hho kits for one or two years without failure and wish to install on other vehicles.

All our cells are purposely designed to get maximum performance at under 20 amps so when installing on your average vehicle there will be no additional load on the alternator to diminish the gains in MPG that will be realized through the hydrogen on demand system.
We have decided to include a  free Secondary Bubbler in Your hho generator kit. 

We include  these Bubbler/ scrubbers as part of the HHO kits because they are a necessary part of the hydrogen on demand system and there are others out there selling "hho Kits" that do not include these, beware. HHo bubbler will ship with all complete hho dry cell kits.

Thank You Everyone That Has Purchased From Us.  Thousands Of You In USA and European Countries (Greece hho install 60% savings), as well as Africa, Australia and all around the globe Have Installed The Best HHO Dry Cell System Out There !!
2008 - 2017 and still going strong

And for that mater the only hydrogen on demand system that proves consistently to save people money !!

Below you will find a Sale on 11, 21, 13 and 25 plate complete hho kits !!
Please do not hesitate if you believe that this technology can and will help save some money for you; the High Gas prices are effecting our ability to offer our systems for such reasonable prices.    Your choice - the complete 11 or 21 plate hho dry cell kit discounted or regular price with  pwm added at 1/2 price
Don't forget to checkout the New 13 and 25 plate HHO Kits

** Thank You to hho installers World wide and God Bless**

If you wish to take advantage of this hho kit sale scroll past our regular prices - there will be a green box below with various options

$174.00 SHIPPED - 9 PLATE Complete HHO Dry cell KIT 

9 Plate HHO Dry Cell Kit

$195.00 SHIPPED - 11 PLATE Complete HHO Dry cell KIT
USA or International

$259.00 SHIPPED - 21 PLATE Complete HHO Dry cell KIT 

USA or International

HHO Dry Cell Kit Sale - 11 & 21 Plate HHO Kits

HHO Dry cell Kit for sale from hho2u

NOTE : If You are viewing on a mobile device (phone) and the payment buttons do not show as " Add to Cart " - TO ORDER Please Go To the bottom of the page and click "view site in CLASSIC until we get the mobile code worked out

In the option button you have a choice to get the hho dry cell kit with Pwm added at 1/2 regular price or  the same kits listed above at discounted prices; free shipping to USA.
Please use the "Worldwide" option for any hho kit order being shipped out of USA

USA or International
Sale Option

11 - plate configuration -nnnn+nnnn-

HHO complete DRY CELL Kit

21-plate -nnnn+nnnn-nnnn+nnnn-
HHO DRY CELL Complete Kit
Exact same hho kits listed above


  Truth is even our regular prices are the best deal around with the quality of our cells and reputation being Top Notch !!
The high gas prices effect us too; we will keep our prices down as long as we can.
Thank You and God Bless


Prices includes shipping To USA
Please use "International" option for overseas

All Our HHO Cells and Kits Are Built With American Material By Americans

HHO2u's New Dry Cell Kit

13 Plate or 25 Plate Dry Cell - New virtually Indestructible O-rings

These hho drycell kits have all the same parts and features as our hho systems above. We are recognized around the world as builders one of the most reliable HHO Kits available. Our systems are very compact and fit where others cannot, while still producing as much or more HHO Gas as much larger units.

HHO Kit Sale - 13 & 25 Plate Dry Cell Kits

HHO Dry cell Kit One time sale from hho2u

NOTE : If You are viewing on a mobile device (phone) and the payment buttons do not appear as " Add to Cart " - TO ORDER Please Go To the bottom of the page and click "view site in CLASSIC until we get the mobile code worked out

In the option button you have a choice to get the hho dry cell kit or the Dry cell Kit of your choice with PWM included. Click on the little triangle button below to open drop down menu  and click your choice of hho system.
Free shipping to USA.
Or Please use the "Worldwide" or "International" option for any hho kit order being shipped out of USA
If you wish to add a PWM to the HHO Dry Cell Kits use that option. It cost the same Flat Rate overseas to ship.

Chose USA or International

Chose USA or International

13 - plate configuration -nnnnn+nnnnn-

HHO complete DRY CELL Kit

25-plate -nnnnn+nnnnn-nnnnn+nnnnn-
HHO DRY CELL Complete Kit
Same quality 316L stainless we have used since 2008. The added plates make these hho kits the best available at this price.
BAR NONE - do your comparisons


  Our 11 and 21 cells are being used in almost every country around the world with awesome success already with the extra neutrals added these new hho dry cells have more production and less heat.
The Prices on these 13 and 25 plate hho cell kits are the best deal around and can not be matched for LPMs for this price.
Thank You and God Bless


Prices includes shipping To USA

Please use "International" option for overseas


Double 11 Plate Complete HHO Dry Cell System

The Ultimate Hydrogen on Demand System If You Require 3 or More Liters of hho gas Per Minute

This is not the HHO Dry Cell Kit you need if you have a 4 or 6 cylinder vehicle. One of the hho systems above will be all you need. This Hydrogen on Demand Kit is designed for small V-8 applications.

  This unit is installed on 2002 Dodge truck.Dual hho dry cell - Dodge truck hho kit install

  Quad cab 4x4 with a 5.9L V8 that went from 10 to 14 MPG

  Both Cells run way under 15 amps

  Each cell is wired independently through its own relay and breaker.

  This ensures that each cell gets the full 12-14.2 volts and nothing gets hot.
This not the only way to install this dual 11 dry cell kit but it works best for us
We will send you optional install instructions for this hho kit when ordered.


Dual 11 dry cell hho kit dry cell design


  • 2- 11 Plate Dry Cell's  - 12' #10 Black wire - 12' #10 Red wire - 8' 3/8" tubing
  • 6 Zip ties - 20 Self Tapping Mount Screws - 16 Hose Clamps - 24 Electrical Connectors
  • 2- 50 AMP Gauge's - Reservoir  tank -  2 Hose Barbs - 2) 30 AMP AUTO RESET BREAKER
  • 2) 30/40 AMP RELAYS
  • Secondary bubbler

Please DO NOT compare our Complete HHO Dry Cell Kits to "The Other Guys" offering "TWIN Kits" for about $269.00. These ARE NOT the same cells we offer, they may look the same but trust me the design is flawed (see our Vids.). They are 9 plate design that is very inefficient. We receive calls all the time from customers that have bought "cheaper hho systems" that don't work due to Poor Design, and wish to buy something that works as described.


$329.99 SHIPPED to Usa -
Limited Time Sale 5 Available at the Price Below --
International Buyers Make sure to use the appropriate option to add shipping

USA or International Ship

New Dual 13 kit - 2) 13 plate hho dry cells

USA or International

We no longer ship the MAP Sensor adjuster with these kits because most people didn't even need them.

If your vehicle needs further adjustment with electronics go to - FUELSAVER on our EFIE's Page.
These Guys are the
only dependable and trustworthy place on the Internet to get your EFIE electronics for adjustments needed when installing an hho kit.

New Dual 21 HHO Dry Cell Kit

Lately we have had many request for a dry cell system for large v-8 engines ( 454 ect.) Eqivalent to 7 liters. Our dual 11 plate system above will provide enough for smaller v-8s but not quite enough for larger than 5.5 or so.
If you have a large v-8 engine this is the HHO dry cell system you will want.


  • 2- 21 Plate Dry Cell's 

  • 12' #10 Black wire - 12' #10 Red wire - 8' 3/8" tubing
  • 12 Zip ties - 20 Self Tapping Mount Screws - 16 Hose Clamps - 24 Electrical Connectors
  • 2- 50 AMP Gauge's - Reservoir  tank -  2 Hose Barbs - 2) 30 AMP AUTO RESET BREAKER
  • 2) 30/40 AMP RELAYS
  • Secondary bubbler

- Temporary Price
International Buyers Make sure to use the appropriate option to add shipping

USA or International

To add Pwms for this system go below and add to cart, you will want to have separate pwms for each cell - No need to pay International shipping if ordering WITH COMPLETE HHO DRY CELL KITS

Pulse Width Modulators For Our HHO Dry Cell System

We have been getting many calls from customers who wanted a dependable PWM - pulse width modulator that would work well with our hho dry cell kits. We have had our hands full just supplying our customers with the best hho dry cells and complete hho dry cell systems. hho pwm - puse width modulator for hho dry cell
( Thank You to The Thousands Now Using Our hho Dry Cells in Europe and USA )

We have located and tested a pulse width modulator from a reputable supplier that works absolutely great with our hydrogen on demand systems. Those of you that have been doing business with us over the past few years know we do not promote junk hho parts, so you can be assured this is the real deal pulse width modulator ( PWM ) and at very good price !!
Details on this PWM - hho generator controller

Shipped Worldwide - USE Option

Hydrogen on demand on Big Diesels

Coming Very Soon

Those of you that have been following our hho blogs and updates know that we have been working on a larger scale hho generator system for Long haul Diesel trucks. We will be introducing the most affordable and dependable Hydrogen on Demand system on the market for large diesel trucks. The main components of our Diesel Hydrogen on demand system will be similar to our very popular hho dry cells, our dry cell design has proven to be the most dependable and maintenance free hho generator available.

I would like to post a heart felt Thank You to the hho dry cell distributors that have helped to produce and perfect this system.
  • Mark in Arizona - who is currently installing test models of our hydrogen on demand diesel system in Washington State on large fleets.
  • Kevin in Nevada who has experimented with our 21 plate systems on vehicles as early as 2008 models, and proven gains from 20% to 40%. Kevin will be installing our diesel HHO Generators on independently owned and operated tractor trailers.
  • John in the Netherlands - John has made it possible for customers overseas to get their hho dry cell systems faster and has also arranged for professional installs. His systems are currently being tested on large cargo vessels with awesome results. We are making arrangements for the new HHO diesel systems soon.

What is an HHO Dry Cell Kit

Don't let the term "DRY CELL" kit fool you, these hho generators create hho gas the same way other "water splitting" devices do. By using electrolysis to split water into hho gas, a more appropriate name would be "hho sealed generator".
The dry cell hho generator receives electrolyte from the bubbler tank reservoir by means of gravity feed. Once the electrolyte fluid enters the hho dry cell/generator, it forces the hydrogen and oxygen (hho gas) back up and into the bubbler tank reservoir located above the cell along with the water mixture where the hho gas rises and  is then pulled into the engine's intake system via a hose located at the very top of the bubbler tank reservoir. The water then recirculates back to the hho generator (drycell).

All of this is accomplished WITHOUT the use of any pump as the bubbling action from the electrolysis alone creates the pressure needed. Unlike wet cell hho generators where the electrodes are submersed in electrolyte mixture and continually heat the fluid, hho dry cell generators separate the electrolyte container from the hho generator, this makes the system run cooler and more efficiently with less amperage draw on your charging system.

These hho generators are very compact and fit where others cannot. But don't let the size fool you. Due to the design of our hho dry cell compared to other designs we produce more hho gas with less amps than other hho generators 2 or three times larger.

4" X 4" HHO Dry Cells - 18G 316L Plates

11 - plate configuration -nnnn+nnnn-


$99.99 Priority Shipping Included

USA or International

21-plate -nnnn+nnnn-nnnn+nnnn- HHO DRY CELL ONLY
$179.00 Priority Shipping Included

USA or International


Prices includes shipping


After Installing Your Complete HHO Dry Cell Kit:

 Start by checking all your connections. Make sure your amp meter and inline fuse have
been installed.

 Now start your vehicle. While it's running, watch for bubbling action inside of your
Reservoir. You should be able to see the gas entering the Reservoir
tank. On the reservoir tanks you get with your complete hho dry cell kit from hho2u.com
you will notice the return line is higher up on the tank, the water level should be just above the
hho gas/water inlet.

 Now it's time to check how many amps your dry cell is pulling. We recommend always installing an ampere meter
when installing any hho generator kit, whether you are installing our complete hho dry cell kit or another hho generator
an amp meter is needed to monitor the system.

All our hho dry cells are designed to run at 10-18 amps without overheating at all. Our 11 plate dry cell will
produce over 1 liter of HHO gas per minute at this amp rate and the 21 plate dry cell kit will produce 2 liters of HHO gas per minute
if you have everything hooked up according to the instructions. (that's all the hydrogen your vehicle will need to see an improvement in fuel mileage).

 See th truth about Amp Draw -- Why You want to keep amp draw under 20 amps for your hho dry cell system.

Notes From A Professional Mechanic Who Installs HHO Dry Cell Kits :

If you have installed everything correctly on your hho dry cell kit, within a short time, you will notice that the engine
starts to sound dramatically different. It will sound smoother and quieter. Your RPM's may be unstable for a couple of minutes. This is normal. The HHO gas is starting to change the combustion cycle and cancels the pinging and the engine is now adjusting to the
changes. Your RPM's will normalize in a couple of minutes.

Congratulations! Your new HHO Dry Cell Kit is now producing Hydrogen Gas!

HHO2u's hydrogen generators are professional Hydrogen on Demand Systems, our hho dry cells are not made out of  Home Depot parts or kitchen utensils like with many other hho generator designs. All our hho dry cells are built with 18 gauge 316L Laser cut stainless steel plate.

This is for the expert experimenter; not the novice. What you do with this is up to you.
However... Keep in mind if you install this in a vehicle you may still need something to fool the computer
 - leaning out the fuel mixture for the HHO gas to take FULL effect.
Yes, we have installed and have reports of many complete hho dry cell systems that require no
computer lean outs, and these do work, we recommend that you run your new hho dry cell for a test run
and accurately measure the fuel consumption with and without your hho dry cell system performing.

Here is what you can expect from your HHO Dry Cell Kit

The Good reports keep coming in - most of the testimonials are on our testimonial page but I though I would share a few.
I just talked to a gentleman in Florida that installed the 21 plate hho dry cell kit on a 2006 Avalanche and was very excited that his hho generator was pumping out about 2 LPM at 18 amps and he went from 13 to over 16 miles per gallon of gasoline. ( Jan- 2010 )

Here Is fraction of the positive Emails that came in recently (Posted July - 2010) :

Good Evening Larry,

I finally got hold of a KOH supplier here in Holland. Because of 9-11 and all those terrorist stories its not easy to get even the simplest chemicals here. I am now in the process of testing the drycell and i am getting amazing results.

For example without using the Dry cell my car computer displays 224 km (to go with the remaining fuel) If I switch it on I am getting a reading of 293 km. That's a 30.8 % gain. We are now going to move on to our hho dry cell kit on the Diesel.


Thought I would let you know how my install went. We put the 11 plate hho dry cell kit on a 2000 jeta. After a few fill ups we are getting 38 miles per gallon as before we got 30. This is Awesome, Thanks. from New York.

4" x 4" 11 Plate HHO Dry Cell Kit
Un - Assembled DIY HHO Generator Kit FREE SHIPPING

USA or International










This hydrogen generator ( hho dry cell ) design is a circulating system in which the water travels from the reservoir through the cell and then back into the reservoir. No water pumps are needed. The key to this circulating system is the cell. This cell design acts like a pump creating a self siphoning system that carries the gas and water back into the reservoir. The reservoir stores the water that is circulated through the system as well as acts as a bubbler system separating the water from the hho gas and lastly helps cool operating temperatures. hho dry cell drawing - how it works


Please do not take our word on what your about to read. Do your own hho gas research, you might end up buying something that your vehicle does not need. Just because something is bigger, does not mean it works better. We can only tell you what we have honestly experienced while experimenting with Hydrogen on demand systems and developing hho generators and hho dry cells. The newer vehicles only need a small amount of HHO Gas, (apx. 1/4 to 1/2 LPM per liter of motor) to mix with the fuel to get great results.

One Question you may have is life and maintenance of your HHO Dry Cell Kit.
The cells that we use personally have about 20K miles on them. The 316L stainless steel Plates we use should last about 50K miles if maintain properly.
The only part of the cell that needs replacement are the o rings roughly every 5-15K miles this will vary depending on how hot the cell runs over time. Normally if you keep these hho dry cells at approximately 15 to 18 amp draw they will go much longer periods of use without maintenance. This is the cheapest part of the cell, Oring replacement kits are approximately $2.40 for 12 o rings and can be found on our "hho parts" page.
 The only maintenance needed is to check the water levels and make sure there are no leaks in the system.
It is very important to maintain a water level of at least 1qrt so as to not over heat your hho dry cell.

How often do I check the water level ?
The average reports we get back from customers that install our HHO dry cell kits is that they are using approximately 2 cups of electrolyte mix to travel around 700 miles. This will vary, so we recommend you check the water levels at 250 and then 500.

For Any Questions  contact us via Email
Or Call - (661) 350-0682

If you have done your research, as you very well should on this awesome Hydrogen on Demand technology, you will find hundreds of sites offering all kinds of HHO Dry Cells and HHO Dry Cell Kits. The HHO Dry Cell Kits on our site have been tried an tested by thousands of hydrogen on demand installers.

Finding the right  Hydrogen on Demand System or HHO Dry Cell is the most important thing for all who want to use these devices to clean up our environment and save money while doing it.

All of our cells are tested before they are shipped

Here is a link to our instructions, You can see for your self how easy it is.

We have also provided a page with HHO relay wiring and general hho dry cell install videos for anyone to view.

HHO Dry Cell Kit - Installation INSTRUCTIONS