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"Experts", Please read this:

If you bother to study at all you will notice that the question of energy balance, between Hydrogen energy and energy from the battery, is one very big misconception. The energy does not come from the Hydrogen and does not come from the battery or the alternator! The energy comes from the gasoline when an on board hho generator is installed.

That's what NASA, the U.S. Patent Office and the U.S. Department of Transportation have known for decades:
A SMALL amount of supplemental Hydrogen will cause the regular fuel, be it diesel or gasoline, to burn more completely. The extra energy is derived from the more complete combustion process. Less waste = extra energy.
It's not "free energy".
But adding HHO gas to a combustion engine gives the extra mileage from LESS WASTE. It's not an opinion, it is the scientific viewpoint.

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More About HHO Gas Production and HHO Dry Cells

The Very Best HHO Dry Cells Available

We at HHO 2U Are Always Ready to Help You With Your Hydrogen on Demand Projects. Feel Free To Contact Us By Phone or Email
Here is what some of the "Talking Heads" are saying about Gas Prices

As USA TODAY's Gary Strauss reported Friday, the national average is up in recent weeks and more drivers than ever before could soon be paying $5 a gallon. Strauss said - coast to coasts we are seeing soaring prices on gas and diesel - an average of $3.91 in New York and $4.20-per-gallon in California, I happen to be one of the lucky Californians.

"It's going to be a nasty year for gas prices," Patrick DeHaan, senior petroleum analyst for GasBuddy.com, tells the News.

In fact, analysts warn the upcoming season for gas prices could be record-breaking, the News reports.

The likely reasons behind the hike include tensions with Iran, growing gas demand from Asia and South America and natural disasters, according to the News.

"This year, the price increases are really based on what's happening in the world oil market, the crude market," Wally Smith, vice president of the AAA of Western and Central New York, tells the News.

Personally I Don't Care what the excuse is.
We are here to help, and have been experimenting with hho and hho generators since 2008 - If we were not receiving feedback from customers and good report that  our hho dry cell generator systems were offering bit of relief from the out of hand fuel prices we would definitely find something else to do with our time.
hho2u 21  Plate Dry cell
Hi Larry,
Been awhile. I been testing the 11 plate and got a concentration of
about 15% KOH with distillate water and running on battery + charger
am getting 2.45 lpm consistently using 12V @ 20 A

Plan to order more soon, am in need of the pwm you sell, will be me
next order.
Best regard,
Bob Elliott
Lampasas, (picup country)

For every penny the price at the pump increases, it costs consumers an additional $4 million.
 If the price rises a dime, it means consumers pay $40 million more each day that 10-cent hike is in place.
At the current national average of $2.80 per gallon, a typical motorist using about 50 gallons of fuel per month will spend about $140.
Gasoline prices are almost  double what they ought to be.
So the question is ... those people who have jobs, how much longer can they afford to pay ever-higher prices at the pump.
Higher gas prices already have prompted some consumers to cut back on discretionary weekend driving.
It's similar to the trend in 2008 when drivers reduced travel as gas prices rose above $3.15 a gallon and then spiked at over $4 a gallon.

Bob who is using our hho dry cells in Texas has sent back positive results since he has been testing our hho generator; Here is a picture of his flame test using our 11 plate hho dry cell generator - Perfectly clean burn I must say.
hho-dry-cell-flame-11-plate dry-cell-design

Hi Larry,
Just wanted to show you a photo of my flame test using your 11 plate dry cell before I install it.
best regard,
Bob - Texas hho dry cell installer

Bob's Texas HHO Hybrid
Below are a few HHO Install Pics.
Gentleman from Canada gets approximately 30% gain from this Canada hho kit.HHO Canada Style

11 plate hho generator Dry cell

Happy New Year 2017 - HHO2u is still working hard for you.

Helping People Pick The Right HHO Generator

Developing The Most Efficient HHO Generator Worldwide

A lot of people ask us if the hho dry cell design is the best hho generator out there.
The answer is -- there are many types of hho generators available, -- but for the average person installing Hydrogen on demand on their car or truck the dry cell generator is the way to go, for many reasons.

The hho dry cell design has proven to be the most efficient hho generator by most of the prominent hho system developers, including us. These cells are very cost effective and quite simple to build and install. Learn more as to why the hho dry cell is more efficient than the older style hho generators known as a wet cell on our HHO Dry Cell Page.

Since 2008 HHO2u has spent many hours and dollars experimenting and perfecting our hho dry cell in an effort to make sure that we only provide the Highest Quality hho generator available today at a very reasonable price, and we have done just that!

Unfortunately there are those that would rather copy a good thing, as with our dry cell design, or copy the written content on this site to give their site a "Punch"; yes you guys know who I'm aiming this at. It really is easy to find who posted something first on the internet by going to the "wayback machine".

 You can find similar looking generators out there, please don't throw your money away on a product that may look similar, this is where this type of hho dry cell generator originated.
If you see a look-a-like hho generator but it is not on this site, beware. We have always been quite free with information and always will but we won't disclose the preparation that our 316L stainless plates go through prior to assembling - That is why we get superior hho output with our modest size hho dry cell generator.
We realize our hho  site may not be the fanciest or up to date but there is a lot of helpful information on hho kits here. It really does not matter if you buy an hho system here or some place else, even though we and hundreds of installers honestly believe our systems are the best deal for your money, we are here to help people understand how just a small amount of hho gas mixed with another standard fuel source can produce massive amounts of extra energy. This extra energy translates into savings as you trim back the original fuel source wither it be Gasoline, Diesel or LPG. On top of that hho injection has proven to lower "carbon footprint".

Recently much of our business comes from other hho experimenters that have been building and installing hho generators and namely hho dry cells for years and are quite impressed with the design of our dry cell.
Another good portion of our sales comes from those that have purchased our hho generator systems in the past and want to install a complete hho dry cell kit on another car or truck.

We realize now in 2017 that the gas prices are way down compared to prices in 2008 when we started offering our fuel saving generators and systems. Sales are not even close to what we were doing for a couple years but we are still dedicated to bringing you the best Hho system for your money. Wither you pay $5.00 or $3.00 for a gallon of gas the saving percentage is still there. These HHO systems all work on a percentage basis. Our system on average save 25% overall and that is the feed back we have been getting for years now. We have seen as high as 60% but these are rare and usually with older motors with out a bunch of so called "smog devices".

First Name : Ray
Email : ea***el*4@bigpond.com
Comments : I contacted you re an order of O rings and wish to know how I can send you extra money to cover costs of postage to Australia. I really need the O rings as I have been using your generator for the last 2 years to great success. I have gained 100 kilometers per tank on my GQ Nissan Patrol.

I posted this just so you can see how long it will be before you need rebuilding, after replacing the gaskets Ray will go 2 more years or more saving gas. If you get to the point of needing a cell rebuilt and don't want to mess with it, send it back. We will rebuild any of our dry cells for you and return them, we are not going anywhere soon.
We have done all we can to help provide accurate information to those researching these hho kits and also keep our hho generators and kits priced very reasonable to make this a cost effective device. After all what good is a fuel saving device if it cost you a years worth of gas or diesel before it pays for the installation.
Aiming to improve peoples gas or diesel fuel mileage and help clean up the environment has been our goal since 2008 when gasoline  was well over $4.00 a gallon, and our goals have not change since. Amazingly what has changed is the mindset of the people, the prices of Gas and Diesel have been manipulated so much that folks have grown comfortable with paying whatever price the big boys put on fuel at any given time.
Gasoline and diesel prices are definitely going up and we want you to be prepared. After all the propaganda that has been spread about $5.00 gas prices coming, you can almost be assured it WILL happen, sooner or later after all you were warned, it would not surprise me to see it get at least to that point.
Please don't get comfortable "only" paying $4.25 at the pump, or only $3.50 or whatever, it won't last. Realistically gas should be down to $1.50.
Most of the "experts" in the oil and energy speculating business agree that we will no doubt see rising oil prices.
At HHO2u we understand your need to be conscious of your spending because of our current economic conditions, that is exactly why we offer our complete hho dry cell systems and hho generators at such a reasonable cost.
Trust me we are not getting rich off these hho  systems and hydrogen on demand parts, but we do help a lot of people (look at or testimonial page)

You will find awesome HHO Kit Sales ongoing on our hho dry cell Kit Page.

The Oil Barrens will make Billions in a short period of time just by manipulating prices within a 5 cent range.
The Good news is -- Hydrogen on Demand systems like our HHO Dry Cell Generator kit will cut your fuel usage if installed correctly.

Here is just one of many emails that roll in every day about our hho dry cell systems ::
First Name : Herbert + Carolyn
Email : ***@gmail.com
Comments : First of all THANKS! our new HHO generator has already doubled our gas mileage! And; that doing back country driving in the mountains, hauling 2000 LB. of water part of the time not just highway driving. We also want to say thanks for taking time to talk on the phone with us. Herb is a kind of old fashion guy and talking to a real person help and means sooo much. We plan to put one of your kits in our other truck soon. We also have another project in mind and would like your input. We live off the grid and have varied sources of power. We are thinking of converting our gas powered generators to run in part or in whole on HHO. Now we see the ads on your site for Tri-fuel kit and have already though that might be necessary. could you give us some input on size of HHO needed or any other info as to how we could do this? Thanks and God,s Blessings

Yes we can and will help them or anyone else set up their stand alone power generators with supplemental hho systems. As a matter of fact many have had success. Quite a few of our customers who have installed systems from India to Africa on big generators or pumps have reported awesome savings.

 I know everyone is looking for "Free Energy". Best we have done so far is to run the cell off of the dc on a small gas generator and feed the hho gas to throttle, cutting fuel by 33%, No doubt if we and others keep experimenting we will get there.

Hi Larry,
Thanks for the reservoir cap shipping up date. And please find the pictures of my installation of your double 11 plate dry cell system that we purchased from you and your company. I would like to take this time to commend you for the fine workmanship that was put into the building of the dry cells. They are precisely built and of good quality. I am a retired machinist and appreciate a finely crafted piece of equipment.
At this time I have not road tested the installation due to bad weather and the high cost of gasoline, caused by the Gadhafi Uprising and “Oil Shortage “Fears that are now being pushed.
As soon as I can figure out a way to use a small tank of 5 gallons or less, instead of filling the RV’s 60 gallon tank a few times to do a road and mileage test, I will let you know how many more miles to the gallon we are getting compared to the now” Down Hill “6 ½ to 7 miles to the gallon we are now experiencing.
Now in the attachment pictures, they are as follows:
Hank sent a few pics. of his hydrogen on demand system installed - hho dry cell dual 11 plate hho generatorsawesome, clean job. I will share them when I get a spare moment
Thanks Again!
Pennsylvania …….Hank

The positive testimonials just keep rolling in from worldwide hho generator experimenters using our HHO Dry Cell design - Here is one from a South Africa hho dry cell installer.

Thanks Larry.
We installed our unit Saturday,on our 2001 Toyota Sequoia V8. We had to mix up some Drano sink crystals to have a sodium hydroxide catalyst (all we could find). It has 60% NoAh, so after we mixed it we strained it to remove large particles. (Note to self: mixing catalyst to hot causes to relay to overheat and shut off) I have more detail on that if you are interested.
We took it for a test drive up and over a large mountain range, 50 miles to Canyon ville and our fuel mileage increased from what would have been an average of 13mpg to 24mpg! Wow! 33% increase! (We filled before we left and when we got to Canyonville). We were impressed. On the way back home we averaged 25mpg.
 Actual mpg was impressive at 25mpg.
(We don't recommend this method for obtaining catalyst - KOH works best in our hhodrycells and most other hho generators)

Something that amazes me is how slow News moves on this Planet with all the technology we have. HHO gas, hho generators and particularly the hho dry cell are just being experimented with in European countries. HHO dry cells in Europe are finally being tested seriously. The "oil/gas crunch" in 2008 was just as bad or worse on European countries.

Well I Guess Good News can only travel as fast as The Carriers of the News let it.

We Applaud Guys over in Europe who have sent us back positive test results from European hho installs with gas taxes over 70%, their gas is more than double what it is in the USA.

Great Feed back is coming in from Ireland HHO installers and really awesome results from Australia HHo enthusiast.

Now (Jan. 2014) we are getting a huge response from HHO installers in Canada; seems the word is spreading that our hho dry cell is the best around, and well worth the shipping cost compared to local hho generator kits available.

I thought I would share this testimony I got from a gentleman that had bought a "complete hho dry cell system" from another site. This was a "dual 9 plate system", You probably have seen them around, mostly sold on ebay by a particular hho salesman with a cell that looks similar to ours. This same "club" has now come out with a 25 plate generator that has the same 3 hole pattern we have been using since 2009. The reason I mention this is this Hydro guy has been fleecing the public of their hard earned money with a 9 plate cell that never has worked for years and states on their site that he will never change his cell;
for years he has to have known that this cell certainly is very, very inefficient but kept selling them anyway.

He couldn't get the "Hydro" generator builder to answer the phone when he was having problems with the system, so he called us. This particular design of hho dry cell is flawed because of the configuration of holes and the number of plates, it simple does not circulate the water properly, therefore over amps and fluctuates. On top of that 9 plates is not enough "spread" of the voltage to keep these cells running cool. (see our hho dry cell video comparisons - it's the 9 plate 1 hole, flip flop design)
Long story short we sent him 2 - 11 plate cells to replace the JUNK hho dry cells and he took off on a 1300 mile trip. Here is what he had to say about our hho dry cell kit ...

Hi larry

 Got it fixed . It was giving me a gain of 4 mpg over what I got before. It runs at about 8 amps. Should I just add water or more mix. Is there anything I need to do? Cleaning and etc. it has 4 or 5 thousand on it now.

Thanks ....

Please Be Careful Who You Give Your MONEY To - I Know Everyone wants to save A Buck


The Best HHO Generator ?

We are determined to help as many people as we can to learn about and understand how a very basic technology that involves simple electrolysis of water to produce hydrogen and oxygen gases can save you loads of your hard earned money.
 These two gases combined have become known as HHO gas. HHO (hydrogen + hydrogen + oxygen) is produced when electrical current is applied to water (H2O). These are just the basics of how this works, we have written many articles and blogs focused on this technology and you can find links to them in our link pages or look around our site, we have tried to include a knowledge base for everyone from beginners to those wanting to move on to a 101 cell Bob Boyce replication.
  When this hho gas is induced into the air fuel mix of your modern day auto or truck it can and will reduce the amount of gas or diesel fuel required to power the vehicle.

hho dry cell generators and complete hho  kits

When we first started studying this awesome yet very simple technology most people were still calling their fuel saving devices Hydrogen Generators. This term is not an exact match to what these devices actually do unless you have a mechanism in place to separate the Oxygen from the Hydrogen.
The use of these Hydroxy (HHO) generators combined with tubing to feed the hho gases they produce to your motor; and electrical wiring systems has now commonly become known as a Hydrogen on Demand System or hho kit.

Welcome - Look around our site for answers to any Hydrogen on Demand information or hho generator questions you might have. If you can't find your answer here give us an email, we are always glad to help.

We have been studying and implementing this awesome technology for a long time and can offer truthful advise and help you get the hho generator or complete Hydrogen on demand system that fits your needs.

You will no doubt run across many so called experts that claim the use of these hho generators has no effect on increase of mileage you will get from a given amount of fossil fuel. These "scientific" masterminds have not tested these devices and are stuck in the tiny little box they were put into by their professors, who learned only what their teachers taught them to be truth. The real truth is that Thousands of people around the Globe have installed our hho dry cell kits and Thousands more have installed some sort of hho generator design and have proven beyond a doubt that this simple technology works.

The one thing these so called scientific minds agree on for sure is by adding hho gas to to your fuel mix the fuel burns more complete and produces less emissions, would this alone not be a good reason to add hho gas to your vehicle using a very simple hho generator. CLEANER Burning Cars.

Here are some Great testimonials I thought needed to be posted front page - Testimonials about our hydrogen on demand systems will be moved to the testimonial page eventually, to keep some order to things.

Here is a cool hho Kit testimonial from BOSNIA -
Added the 11 plate hho dry cell generator and kit.
just to report to you that at the moment we are saving around 25-30% in diesel Kia 2.9
with your kit. we are trying different settings with map sensor to get even more savings.


Our HHO Dry Cell Generator Kit Installed


  I have done some rather extensive testing with my hho generator setup in working order and have found on 2 separate trips (one gasoline only, the other gasoline and hydrogen) I have an increase of fuel economy of about 20.5% which is very pleasing!!

First Name : jim
Email : jdl******
Comments : Larry got system installed on 1600 roadstar first real mpg test today, 42mpg previous, with hho running 52.5 mpg running 10-12 amps
do not know lpm,

For my purposes this a v-twin cruiser bike, really bad aerodynamics,
But the tech part is 2,200 rpm peak torque@90ftlbs weight 1,000lbs with rider
"fuel consumption is directly linked to rpm on all internal combustion engines"
2,200 rpm puts me at 65 mph.
The noticeable difference is the engine now runs smoothly at 1,700rpm   HHO2u_11_plate-dry_cell_ motorcycle
(no lugging or chugging as previously now i can use 5th gear at 55mph).
I will in future do runs at 55mph on freeway and see what it can do.
I have not changed any settings of any kind only added hho.
After i do the complete  full tank average run,then i will start tweaking the carb settings.
I also have a before dyno sheet, after i think i am dialed in i will run on dyno again.
If anyone needs assistance in the Portland,  Or.   I would be glad to help.
 Thank You

YES == An hho generator can be installed on your motorcycle; and our hho dry cell is the perfect system for this as the required space is minimal yet the hho gas out put is that of much larger hho generators due to the unique design.

Below is Just One of Many Government test using a  HHO Generator - 2007 US Dept. Transportation. (You can download the actual Gov. pdfs on Hydrogen injection on our "free hho stuff" page)

We absolutely believe in this technology, and have tested it thoroughly or we wouldn't offer it to others. This Hydrogen on Demand site was founded to help people, not to get rich off an "hho scam" we have seen too many positive results to let the "naysayers" influence us. However there are those out there, as with any Good thing that will try to take advantage of people, so please do your hho (hydrogen fuel, hho generator) research and check out who you are dealing with. There are many hho generator "salesmen" crawling out of the wood works right now that are there for one purpose - get your money. We saw the same scenario in 2008.

We also strongly believe that our HHO Dry Cells are the best design available. Many hours of testing have gone into these hho generators to find the right design for maximum hho  production at an ampere draw that is acceptable for any vehicle. All our HHO dry cells are built with the same 3 hole design for better circulation, anything less creates a percolation, over heating and more steam than HHO gas.

If you haven't already visited other hydrogen generator sites, we recommend you do. Please don't be pulled in by the "smoke and mirror" tricks and wild claims of more hho gas production from some secret process of Stainless steel plates or huge production from too many amps.You should do as much research on this awesome technology as needed to be comfortable with your decision to install any HHO generator.

We have been getting back so much positive feed back from our HHO Dry Cell and hho dry cell kits.

Here is a few of the most recent comments. Lots more on the testimonial page. These are just average people like you and I that took the incentive to hook up a hydrogen on demand system.

First Name : Dennis
Email : h......com

Comments : Enter comments here!
Hi, I bought a 21 plate HHO kit from you about a year ago. We installed it on a 1978 23' motor home. We experienced a gain ranging from 20-45%! We were headed out on a 4 thousand mile trip over 2 weeks.  .... Waiting for more after repairs.

 Mark Arizona :
 Awesome Larry I installed the 21 plate hho dry cell on my "78 chevy 350 truck and took off for Washington.

Purred like a kitten the whole trip there and back. Absolutely amazing on gas - at 75 mph cruising we were getting 16 mpg, before installing the hydrogen on demand - HHO dry cell kit we were getting 11.

Australia hho installer

 I have made a new reservoir out of PVC and am testing it now. my first run was 200k's with a drop in fuel use of 5ltrs per 100k's. I will report further tests as I continue. I run a 1992 Nissan Patrol diesel. And live in West Australia.

Here is an Awesome example of hho generator experimentation :

Hey Larry Check it out my bench test of the 6x6 cell I built with the plates you sent is producing more than my flow meter can show. Can you send me a flow meter that measures more than 5 LPM. (Of course he is running about 35 -40 amps) 26 plate configuration.

Thanks so much! it came in a few days after the confirmation. It works great and with a homemade efie i get 45mpg on my 82 280zx inline 6

Ireland HHO Generator

Thank you all who are sending us testimonials on the success of our hho dry cell generators. We honestly would not keep building these hho generator systems if we didn't get positive results from our customers. Keep it up and Hydrogen on Demand will be a term recognized around the world. (many more on the hho testimonials page)

Gas prices are fluctuating again. And it’s always going to be this way as long as we are dependent on petroleum products to fuel our cars and trucks.

Until we come to the conclusion that there are alternatives such as hydrogen to use as supplemental fuel for our existing millions of vehicles on the roads today, and that these Hydrogen on Demand systems can be retrofit to cars and trucks we already drive every day the gas prices will be set by big oil companies who don't care what you think.

If you or someone you know is thinking of experimenting with HHO generators now is the time to do it, for over 5 years now we have stood by our HHO Dry Cell - Hydrogen on demand system. Our drycell hho generators have been used world wide with successful installations on all types of motors.
Californians are used to outrageous gas prices - but when is the price going back down to where it really should be ? ? My bet would be Never.

I have read all the reviews and opinions as to why HIGH Gas prices now, it's all Hog wash. Every State in the union is complaining about high gas and diesel. But so few are taking advantage of this awesome Hydrogen on demand technology, Why ?

Could be all the HHO Generator spammers, and trust me they will be crawling out of the wood work again when the gas and diesel fuel is souring. Unfortunately there are a bunch of folks out there that have NO idea how this stuff works and are looking to grab your money and run.

Please don't get information overload and give up, hho generators are not that difficult to comprehend or implement on your car or truck. The HHO Dry cell is no doubt the best hho generator design right now. Do a little research to save a LOT of money.

You could be like hundreds of others and  save 10 -  20% or more on what ever you pay for gas or diesel fuel by installing a simple Hydrogen on Demand system on your vehicle.

You will hear ridiculous claims by so called hho generator or Hydrogen on Demand salesmen that they can guarantee 100% gains on your MPG. Please do not fall for these hho Scammers. These kind of gains are far and few.

On average customers who install our hho generator system correctly on their vehicles, large and small are experiencing 15% to 25%, highest at 60% consistently. Go to our "hho testimonial page" to see some real results, we do not make these up, all are from people who were happy to share results of their hho system installs.

The best we have seen with our hho dry cell generator system is 60% consistent results by an HHO  Installer in Greece with a group of 1600cc vehicles without an overload of electronics or smog gadgetry.

Learn how Now to install HHO while prices are down, it isn't that hard, we will help you here at HHO2U.com any way we can.

It is becoming more and more important to maximize your money and save at the gas station, and for that matter wherever you can.
 We have absolutely proven that by adding an HHO generator and a combination of fuel saving devices to your vehicle you can cut the money you spend on gas or diesel drastically, some hho installers in Canada and other countries have cut fuel consumption in half.

Our HHO Dry Cell Kits have proven beyond a doubt by hho installers in Europe as well as USA to be the most complete hho fuel systems available for the price.
 By offering these complete Hydrogen on demand systems that include our hho dry cells ranging from 9 plates to 25 plates we hope to make it possible for anyone to install a very affordable hho gas system that will surely save them money.

We do not advocate those that will tell you "one size fits all" when it comes to Hydrogen on Demand systems and HHO Generators, that simply is not true.

What we have seen and personally experienced with different combination's of hho Dry cells, hho kits and Hydrogen on demand parts is increases between 15% and 60% on an array of vehicles. I know that sounds like a huge spread, it all depends on the vehicle and the combination of fuel saving devices installed. The point is you can do something to the car or truck that you are driving to save you money and help cut down on pollution, why aren't you ?

We receive a lot of phone calls asking us about other HHO dry cell suppliers or hho kits. If you have legitimate hydrogen on demand questions or hho generator install questions, we don't mind helping, but please don't call expecting us to bad mouth "the other guy". Yes we know, or know about most of the other hho generator sites you will come across, after all We have been building these systems since 2008 and have seen a bunch of "fly by nights" come and go. Please do your own home work.

We have brought back our original 9 plate hho dry cell kit for those that prefer the 9 plate hho dry cell design. This hho dry cell incorporates the same 3 hole configuration as our other cells and will no doubt out perform any other 9 plate hho dry cell design.

We have done some honest comparison videos that will show you the positive and negative points of the different hho dry cells you will come across out there. We did test on the "9 plate 1-hole hydro"
the 11 plate and the 21 plate dry cells. We didn't do these videos to prove our hho dry cell is the best design, we already knew that from lots of testing. We did these hho test videos for you, the consumers, so you could see what the hho generator "salesmen" are offering you.   HHO Test Videos.

Retro-fit Hydrogen on demand systems are just a start but they do work to save fuel and clean up the air. We know this to be Fact because we have done the research and experimenting with all kinds of HHO generators and hydrogen on demand devices. But please do your own research on the subject, bookmark us, and come back and we will help in any way we can to set you up with Hydrogen on Demand for your auto or truck.

What do we get out of providing you with FREE hho generator plans, FREE Efie plans, FREE map sensor adjuster plans, Free hho dry cell plans so you can build a hho dry cell if you wish, honest advice on your hydroxy experimentation, hho generator projects and free on line help with your Hydrogen on Demand projects ? You might ask.

Well first off it is our dream that every gas and diesel powered vehicle on the planet have a hydrogen on demand device of some sort installed, at least until technology and auto makers catch up.

Weird fantasy ? Not really, because there is no doubt in our minds from all our experimentation with Hydroxy systems that these devices will help in a big way to clean up the air that our children and grand children will have to breath. If we all do our part to help stop the outrageous amounts of smog that we are dumping into our air because of vehicles that are purposely designed to waste fuel then maybe we can turn around the destruction that man kind has wrought upon our planet.

We also want everyone to reap the economical gains from these hydrogen on demand systems. It honestly makes me feel great every time we get feed back from some one that has saved money by installing a hydrogen on demand system. Each testimonial is a little different, some are grateful to save 10%, or $30.00 a month. Others who are running "big rigs" are saving hundreds.

We started out to help the average individual save money and we are accomplishing exactly that.

Hundreds of testimonials keep coming from all around the world Canada hho dry cell installers are catching up now, Keep spreading the news guys. Thank you to Canada hho experimenters.

Our hho dry cells are a very inexpensive way the average person can install hydrogen on demand. If you are researching hho or hydrogen on demand systems you will see all kinds of hho generators out there. Inside that pretty colored box is more than likely the same hho dry cells you see here. We don't try to package our drycells in colored case for marketing purposes. We keep it simple to keep cost down, (besides I like to watch the hho gas bubbles)

Did you know that the first internal combustion motors ran on hydrogen ? Oh yes ! Until they figured out the riches that could be had by locking the whole world into using Gasoline and Diesel Fuel.

Other products throughout the years have been tested but most tests of products have been halted because they infringe on the profits of the big money oil tycoons. Hydrogen on Demand happens to be one of them.
There are many documents of test done with HHO gas and Hydrogen on demand type systems dating back to the 1970s and before, that prove this technology works. This HHO gas is not new and it is not something we made up.

Go ahead and enjoy our Hydrogen on Demand site, browse around and when you want to take the next step and install a HHO generator on your car or truck, give us a buzz and we will be glad to head you in the right direction.

How Much HHO Gas Do I Need ?

This seems to be one of the most asked questions when people are interested in installing a Hydrogen on Demand system on their auto or truck.

Bob Boyce, who in my opinion is one of the leading authorities on hho generators and hho production, and hho dry cells has been quoted as saying - a system should provide 1/4 - 1/2 liter/min of HHO per liter of engine displacement.

This is also what Government agencies in the United States and  other countries and NASA test reveled. That's right "they" know this hho gas will help cut fuel consumption as well as cut down harmful emissions.

The test reveled that only 5% of the overall fuel consumption of the ICE engine replaced with hydrogen had huge effects on TOXIC Emissions and  in fuel consumption.

You Can Find The actual PDF Files on Proven Test results on our "Free HHO Stuff" pages.

HHO Dry Cell Kits - 1-2 LPM is all you Need

 hho dry cell vs wet cell - Complete hho dry cell kits replace wet cell hho generators  
 hho dry cell design makes the difference in hho gas production  dual efie -  this efie circuit is the dual digital efie  2 - 11 plate hho dry cell the ultimate hho dry cell kit  HHO Stainless steel Blanks for hho generators  HHO_drycell_Generator

HHO2U Auto & Diesel Hydrogen on Demand

Would you like to save HUNDREDS of dollars on your Gasoline or Diesel bills ?
These days, saving money is important to you, isn't it ?"

We would love the opportunity to show you just how easy it is to save loads of your hard earned cash money by installing a device called a HHO Generator. And Our HHO Dry Cells are the best hho generator around.

Our Hydrogen on Demand site is set up to help educate you on HHO generators and hho parts so you can make the correct choices on the system that is right for you. There is no doubt in our minds that the HHO Dry Cells and other HHO parts you find here will lower the Harmful EMISSION From almost any motor and can lower consumption of fuel used by a vehicle, If Installed Correctly please do your own research and learn all you can about Hydrogen on Demand. We have tried to include information to help first time experimenters as well as those who are moving on to large volume HHO gas production.

A complete Hydrogen on Demand system with our hho dry cell complete kit, or any hho generator for that mater is not that difficult to install and absolutely will save you lots of money, If Installed Correctly. If you drive more than fifty miles every day these hydrogen on demand systems can pay off what you invest in just a month or two.

You do not have to buy anything from us to get help with your Hydrogen on demand projects; simply go to our contact page if you have any questions regarding this awesome technology and email us.

Please beware of these so called water fuel - run car on water or fuel from water "Guides" to build HHO generator books. Some of that stuff is a waste of money. If you have done your home work on HHO and HHO Generators you will know where to invest.

* Over 8000 of the HHO Dry cells and HHO Dry cell kits below have been purchased, most of them from repeat customers. That should tell you a little about our HHO Generators, hho dry cell kits and Hydrogen on Demand parts.

50% gains are honestly far and few and any Hydrogen on Demand site or HHO dry cell "peddler" that tells you different is not being straight with you.Our hho dry cell design is built from the best hho dry cell plans

But the good news is 15% - 30% gains with one of our "complete HHO Dry Cell Kits" is very common. This hho dry cell design has proved to be the most efficient  for maximum production of hho gas at a given Amp draw. If you have plans to install a Hydrogen on demand system this hho dry cell design is the way to go.

I had a interesting conversation with a business man that called as he was viewing this HHO website the other day. He was very interested in installing our complete hho dry cell kit and wanted to get the facts about the percentage gains of these hho drycells so he could calculate his"Return on Investment".

This turned out to be a learning experience for both of us and at the end of the conversation he thanked me for my honesty on what these hho dry cell kits will and will not do for you.

"Return on Investment" - What I learned from this gentleman is that I have not helped people completely understand how adding a Hydrogen on Demand system will in fact save you money now and completely pay for the installation, and afterword put "free" money in your pocket.
The HHO Dry Cell Kit or other Hydrogen on demand systems all work on a percentage basis. So if you do nothing to change the amount of fuel your car or truck uses your gains are Zero.
  ( In this example I am using rounded numbers just for simplicity sake )
On the other hand if you install a device,( hho generator ) that causes your fuel consumption to go down by 20% and that device cost you $200.00, gas price is $3.00 a gallon - 100 gal.= $300.00 -20% = $60.00 saved.
Using these figures - after buying apx. 330 gallons of gas your fuel saving device will be paid for, Your "Return on Investment" will be made and you will be pocketing $60.00 for every 100 gallons of gasoline you buy.

Yes the right Hydrogen on demand parts can and will save you that kind of money

Complete HHO Dry Cell Kits

After a long series of testing on these HHO Dry cells. There is no doubt this is
the Best HHO Dry Cell you can buy for the price. There are Thousands of these very same HHO Dry Cell generators Being used on a daily basis.
  We thinhho dry cell generator design 9, 11, and 21 stainless steel plate configurationk you will have a very hard time finding the   same quality hho dry cell for the same prices  anywhere.
  All of our prior customers can tell you
  we don't sell junk HHO Generators
  or Hydrogen on Demand parts
  This hho dry cell has gone through
some serious testing and generates
  great hho gas levels without over heating or drawing too many amps.
Please be careful of those that brag about huge amounts of hho gas at higher amp draws, The truth is most hho generators will produce what seems to be more Liters per minute if you over amp them, but if tested correctly what you are producing is steam not hho gas.
Our 11 plate hho dry cell is designed to deliver 1 - 1.5 LPM of Hydroxy (hho) gas running brute force without any additional electronics at under 20 amps.
Please beware of "look a like" HHO Dry Cells that you will see all over the Internet. This 3 hole hho dry cell design is now the most copied hho Generator around; Unfortunately we will not give our plate preparation method away as we have been very open source with most of our technique and others would rather Steal than work with us.
  All Our hho dry cells are the Original design by the gas maker and modified by hours of testing and re-testing, they come with Guarantee and Full Customer Support. If you buy from someone who wont give you their Phone number - GOOD LUCK getting any customer service.

You Can Contact HHO2U At - (661) 350-0682

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  Please check the parts list before you purchase a complete hho dry cell kit from anyone and make sure you are getting everything needed to properly install.
With our hho dry cell install kit it is our purpose to provide a high quality Hydrogen on Demand System that is a complete solution for the Serious hho experimenter.
Having been in the hydrogen on demand business for years now, we have seen a lot of hho parts and products come and go, while our customers have been completely satisfied with our hho dry cells and systems.

With hho2u's complete dry cell kit the customer does not have to figure out what  he or she needs and how the whole system is supposed to go together.
We also strive to give you the best possible customer service.
You don't have to be a prior customer to get help and answers about hho systems or hydrogen generators from us.
Please contact us if there is a question you need answered, or if there is anything we can do to make it easier for you to install any type of Hydrogen on Demand System.

Complete HHO Dry Cell Kit -hho dry cell vs wet cell

Our HHO dry cell kits
are designed so that all of the key components and instruction needed for a successful Hydrogen on demand system installation are provided.
Whither you are installing the 11 plate hho dry cell kit or the 21 plate dry cell kit, everything you need for a sucesseful install is supplied, including easy to follow instructions. If you run into any problems installing your hho dry cell kit we are only a phone call away. We have talked a few of our customers through the install of their hho generator kits. We also have a hho install help page here - hho relay and install help

Complete Hydrogen on Demand Systems Using Our Awesome HHO Dry Cells -  or DIY HHO dry cell kits- Click Here

If you are Building or would like to build HHO generators with wet cell design. We have added pages for the lowest priced hho generator Stainless Steel electrodes available anywhere. Or grab some 316L stainless Blank plates - any amount. Build yourself a "Bob boyce 101 cell" hho generator, our Stainless steel is lower than you will find anywhere.

Pre cut Stainless Steel for any size Hydrogen Generator or HHO Generator project

Final Report
November 2007

Here is a a section of a test by U.S Department of Transportation that proves beyond a doubt that HHo Gas if injected in the proper proportion can and will save you serious money and best of all reduce the harmful emissions put into our air every day.
This clip is directed at hho injection for Diesel engines. Testing was also quite positive for gasoline engines.

Hydrogen Injection Systems   (HHO Generator Kit)

A hydrogen injection system for diesel engine produces small amounts of hydrogen and oxygen on demand by electrolyzing water carried on board the vehicle, the electricity required is supplied by the engine's alternator or 12/24-volt electrical system (see Section 1.5 for a description of electrolysis). The hydrogen and oxygen are injected into the engine's air intake manifold, where they mix with the intake air. In theory, the combustion properties of the hydrogen result in more complete combustion of diesel fuel in the engine, reducing tailpipe emissions and improving fuel economy (CHEC,n.d.) Limited laboratory testing of hydrogen injection systems installed on an older diesel truck engine operated at a series of constant speeds showed a 4 percent reduction in fuel use and a 7 percent reduction in particulate emissions with the system on (ETVC, 2005). Download the complete Government PDF Report - HHO Generator Injection System

2009 HHO Dry Cell kits Installed on City cars          HHO Dry Cell Kits Installed by city officials

By KAYLA BUNGE Monday, April 6, 2009

Here is an interesting clip fro an article on Hydrogen on demand that helps answer two Questions we get asked a lot.
Does HHO gas work ?
Is it legal to install  HHO Dry Cell Kits on my car ?

BELOIT — What started as a science experiment in a man's garage could result in six-figure savings for the city of Beloit. As part of its commitment to sustainability, the city has installed hydrogen-on-demand units on five vehicles—a police squad car, a small pickup truck, a large pickup truck, a garbage truck and a recycling truck, said Chris Walsh, operations director for the public works department. "This is huge for the city of Beloit," she said. The technology could help the city significantly boost its gas mileage, trim its fuel costs and minimize its carbon footprint, Walsh said. "And actually, I just love to be on the cutting edge of things, so this is just another one of the projects we wanted to try," she said.

.... The rest of this Government funded hho Experiment

HHo Dry Cell Installer List Coming Soon ...

We now Have Installers in Arizona and California For those of you who would rather have someone who is familiar with Hydrogen On Demand Installs add your fuel saving equipment to your vehicle. They will professionally install our HHO Dry Cell Kits on Your Car or Truck.

 hho dry cell vs wet cell - Complete hho dry cell kits replace wet cell hho generators  Water4gas hho generator have been replaced by hho dry cells  hho dry cell design makes the difference in hho gas production  dual efie -  this efie circuit is the dual digital efie  2 - 11 plate hho dry cell the ultimate hho dry cell kit  Diy hho generator for hho dry cell Diy Kit builders

Learn all You Can About HHO Fuel Making Generators. We Will Continue To Keep The Public Up dated on hho_hydrogen and hho cell design.

Here is a recent Email from a satisfied Customer I thought was kinda cool:

Hi Larry,
 I was expecting the engine check light to come on but it didn't, which I suppose is a good thing! I had tested the unit and am getting about 1 ltr per minute, I got a basin of soapy water and made a few bubbles then spooned up some and lit them ( pretty explosive stuff!!! ).
I just want to get a gain on mpg's as I have a lot of people interested in purchasing HHO Dry Cell kits from me ( which I will order from you ).
We Do Not recommend you test your hho gas production by lighting the explosive soap bubbles, HHO Gas is Very Explosive stuff

Thanks again Larry for your time !
He just order Two more complete HHO Dry Cell Kits, does that tell you anything about our awesome hho dry cell kit ?
If you need help Installing Your hho dry cell or other hho generator clck here HHO Install Help

 You can download FREE HHO Dry Cell Plans And Much More from our Free HHO Stuff Page Also.